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Are you as excited for BioShock Infinite as we are? Irrational's Drew Holmes gives us a look at what it's like writing for the legendary franchise:
The toughest question to answer is “How do you write for a BioShock game?” Wait, let me back up. I started at Irrational almost a year ago. At that point, there wasn't a “writing team”, it was just Ke...
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I was excited to see Levine tackle something like Objectivism in the last game. Curious to see if there are any other philosophies he's got a bone to pick with.
Well, this game tackles American Exceptionalism.
Hell yeah! I'm a huge fan of the bioshock series, the first one just pulled me into the wod and kept me there, and I'm expecting this one to do the same.
This game coming to PSN?
here is what i want, allow me to activates 6 PS3s since 2006! i have 4 PS3s with my account but not activates.
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