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It's a huge week for PS Vita owners on the PlayStation Store- Gravity Rush, MGS HD Collection, and PulzAR are available now. On PS3, Babel Rising, Batman: Arkham City, and more. Click for the full list:
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I would almost consider a VIta for Gravity Rush alone
I had this huge rant i was going to post but decided against being “That Guy.”
Now i’m hearing that Gungnir is not Vita compatible and I just… what?
It’s time to get your you know what straight. These late updates, the impression that you have no interest in promoting the Vita… It’s like Sony doesn’t want our money.
So glad I got Gravity Rush retail. Would have done some good had you gotten a game the majority of your Vita owners wanted out at a reasonable time because you know the Vita is all about the Digital Downloads…
You have a broken process and it needs to be fixed… asap
we need more apps. Youtube, Google+, Google Currents, Google Earth, you name it. Also include a updated browser, the current one performs badly.
You know what, all of these complaints I keep hearing about the Vita doesn't phase me, because I know it's going to be successful in the long run. Every console and mobile device went through this same phase. The PS3 went through this same phase when it first came out. Hell, even the 3DS went through this same phase. People gotta be patient. Things will turn up soon. But I do have to admit though. There's one thing Sony shouldn't have did, and one thing they should have did. They shouldn't have advertised features that weren't available at launch yet, and they should've focused more on the Vita than the Wonderbook at E3.
Sounds like typical Sony to me. Vita is a huge failure, it's waiting to tank. Between the tablets and smartphones that Sony makes, what can you do with Vita? As the market and people in this topic show, nothing. 
Justin, the 3DS, it isn't doing too well. It's doing marginally better than, it did last year. It's also just barely breathing above water, the Vita on the other hand, it can't float.
The PSP should have been, similar, to what the Vita is now. The Vita is a step behind the curb again. The only thing, that it brings to the table, is the OLED screen.
David, I give you that one though. They took step back when they changed memory card, the content manager, charging only through AC again, and not putting all the digital content that was available PSP on the Vita. I wish they at least kept the duo stick so we could transfer games saves and content over.
I thought instant game collection was separate from sales
This is a handheld game system, it DOESN'T need apps like that, that's what my phone is for.
MGS HD is scum, the best title in the saga is not included :(
The Vital is a great handheld. I love it and I use it a lot. However Sony should had made more proper marketing and advertising. I haven't seen any ads on TVs, no billboards, nothing. Hell, a lot of my friends never heard of the Vita!
Oooh, MGS HD collection. A must have game.
Sony will look at the failure in vita and make 3 more revisions like the first psp lol.
Is the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection available for the PS3 through the Playstation Store? I don't have a Vita, but still want the 'old' MGS games.
The only real failure is the camera on the vita. The line uo is growing and its good to get original games not just watered down tie-ins. The interface can be reworked to make it more stream lined, but I'm sure Sony will have several updates throughout the year to address some of these issues. I've owned just about every Sony gaming device and trust me when I say this is not going to be a failure.
I would only buy gravity rush for 20 dollars so no buy for me because its one of those beat and just leave there games as far as metal gear i just dont have the money lol
Lol Gravity Rush is on par with MGS and Kingdom Hearts in terms of amount of gameplay, plus the story is incredibly engrossing, emotional, and amazing. I got it today, I have to say I've barely been able to put it down. And with 8 hours of gameplay I have only just gotten into the second area of the game. This is also definitely the type of game I would have no problem replaying. I mean, the whole Open-World/Free Roam aspect is already awesome, but there's so much to love about it.
MGSHD I'm thinking about buying, but haven't yet as I'm going to be buying both LittleBigPlanet and Jet Set Radio at the end of the month (I'll be buying JSR for PC too) so I'm waiting to see what I have the money for xD.
+Brian Dunne lol really you comparing gravity rush and kingdom hearts lol kingdom hearts has 35 hours of gameplay (the new one for 3DS coming out july 31) while gravity daze has 10 hours lol who wins?!
To many games... Come back wallet... Come back...
Sony need to bring back more PS2 classics and put them up on the store, seeing as the PS3 had to be made without the ability to run the games, would love to play Star wars Battlefront again in close to HD!
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