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Urban Trial Freestyle's off-the-wall challenge mode puts a new spin on motorbike racing. Customize your bike by mixing and matching different parts, for up to 64 different rides. Full story here:
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Oh look, Sony has Trials now....Thanks for the continued effort at making "original games"
giusto...giusto... condivido in pieno.....
bella zii
Why are the Xbox fanboys trolling PS news? Oh wait... I see. 
Oh +Alex Wilson , you apparently missed the triangle, square, and circle button options shown at the bottom of the video. Don't remember seeing those on an Xbox controller. This apparently is from gameplay on multiple systems. TROLL :-D 
So if this is whatever "Trials" is... Trials is "Excitebike"?
Could just be that devs provided Sony a gameplay montage video from unfinished PS3 code that wasn't yet fully optimized to remove every last split second reference to another controller's button scheme and Sony didn't mind because they're not incredibly obssessive and nitpicky about that kind of thing for the sake of a simple teaser video that's still overwhelmingly indicative of how the game will look and play on their platform.
No, we get it +Alex Wilson , you're just being helpful, exposing the truth that this game is actually just vaporware for both PS3 and Vita.
+Alex Wilson, I think you meant to blow it out of proportion by including an #epicfail  tag so therefore you are trolling. An #insignificantfail , maybe. Nothing more. And to correct you, there are instances in the video of Playstation triangle button other than the menu screen.
Yes, grow up everyone! Take advice from the guy who thinks a couple of misplaced button labels is "epicfail" and resorts to ad hominem attacks when people simply disagree with his assessment.  The very essence of maturity.
I did disagree. I didn't agree that it was worth heckling them for a simple oversight. In response you've given a master class in maturity: denial, deflection and name calling. I'm taking notes over here, learning from a pro. 
I like how it uses SIXAXIS for the PS3 and tilt controls for the Vita.
Старый добрый мотофристайл.
Сколько переиграно, а сколько предстоит еще!
i make ps 5 later :)
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È b è bellissimo lo vorrei avere anchio:-D
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