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The limited edition Classic White PS3 Instant Game Collection Bundle is available now! Includes one year of PlayStation Plus, and a 500GB HD to store all those games. Full details here:
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I have the original 60GB PS3, but I want this!
would you like to clean your controller every day ? don t look good , black is beautiful. white colour with transparent buttons or gray. 
Yeah but the new black model shows dust that get in its ridges. The white one wouldn't show as much dust.
i mean the controller . ever seen an used  x......... conroller ? it s all dirty. 
Mine doesn't get dirty. I always wash my hands though.
what ?! do you have a bill box at home ?
I got everyone beat...20 gb Japanese version 1st gen...really should have never bought it but I was in Japan in 06' soooo anyways... Nice clean white ps3
Damn it! We just bought our second 320 GB last month. Go figure
Have mine preordered. There isn't anything wrong with my current PS3, but I need the HDD space to download all these "free" games. Also, I think it looks really cool!
Kal El
I still got my launch fatty with a 750 gb hdd.. and a slim for my bedroom with the white controller... my wii wants to be black. 
Kid's Slim 320hdd, me Fatty with 500hdd and backwards compatibility. Gotta love Socom 2
Gonna save my pennies for the PS4! :)
It just doesn'tlook good in white like the Wiimote does. It reminds me of an ugly 90s computer.
The only problem with the white controller would be if you have dirty hands. 
I have the 80gb Dual Shock model, which I've since upgraded with a 320gb hard drive. I'm already a PS Plus member so I don't really need this package. Happy with what I have :-) 
I've still got my 80GB model, upgraded it with a 1TB Hard Drive.
+CJ Porras The black one is bundled with Assassin Creed , but only come with 30 day plus service vs the limited comes with 1 year. they both are $299.
I guess I'll just be waiting on the PS4 for now.
their controller sucks it's no good for people with large hands .
Love my PS3 slim, but have no interest in this. The Super Slim is cheap in my opinion. 
Meh, PS4 will be out by the end of the year. I can wait.
+David Sturgess I don't think the PS4 will be backwards compatible though. Correct me if I'm wrong. So might not be a bad idea after all.
Sony has a history of making the initial version of its newest console backwards compatible.  I doubt they would suddenly stop that now.  Now, they may decide to only allow the PS4 to play PS4 and PS3 games, but it would still be acceptable (if you ask me).

Personally, I think the PS3 has a far longer life than the PS2 has...and the PS2 game sales are still pretty strong given how long the PS3 has been out...go figure.
I'd wait for the PS4 instead... should be here in the near future 
I'm betting Sony doesn't release a PS4 until at least late 2014/early 2015.
Ps4 will not be backwards compatible. 
Sweet, I'm buying another one from tax return. 
+David Sturgess, true....but honestly...Sony did just fine despite the "late" start against the long as they come out with the PS4 within a year or 2 of the "720", they'll be fine.
+Christopher Adams, actually, my 1st Gen version rocks to this day.  And that's identical to the Japanese I have no idea why people think we get the 2nd rate stuff.

But I do agree with +Rahim Ovich concerning this new PS3...the "sliding by hand" blu-ray door seems like a truly "el cheapo" say the least.
Did we not all think the ps2 super slim was cheaply made. Look how that thing stood up. 
I LOVE XBOB 360 <3
Chad M
Always liked the white playstation :)
I would purchase a PS3 in a PS box! That would be awesome!
I have it and the red I buy a collect all ps3
The day I finished spraypainting my fat PS3 died. (It was beautiful :C  )
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