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PSN Update is live! Download the new Studio Ghibli / Level 5 collaboration Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, delve into Double Fine's quirky adventure The Cave, and dissect new Dead Space 3 and Metal Gear Rising Revengeance demos. Check out the full list here:
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You dont need to use a URL shortener... 
Besides the Dead Space and Revengeance demos probably picking up unfinished swan and LBK while I'm at it!
I want to try mgs, and buy a commando skin
I wish Sony put Little Big Planet Karting in PS + instant game collection instead Foosball. 
Ni no Kuni!! :D I've heard great things 'bout it!
Loving The Cave!! Trying to figure out which 3 to use.
.... decisions.
Good demos good sale AND Ni No Kuni. Best update in a long time
Ni No Kuni....played the demo, took away the notion of it being a kids game.....really looking forward to buying it. Artwork is absolutly beautiful! ★☆★☆★
Where's the new NHL Gamecenter app?
+Nestor Montelongo: How did that work for you? I've tried to download The Unfinished Swan but nothing happened. Then I've tried to grab the experimental version and nothing happened as well. The transfer won't even start. How weird.
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