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Still need an excuse to pick up a PS Vita? How about a bundle that includes a year of PS Plus, a voucher for Unit 13, and a 4GB memory card for $299? Full details here:
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Bundle defeats itself because it forces you to ultimately buy a new memory card, so Sony still gets more money. 
this is a pretty sweet deal the mem card could have been at least an 8 gig tho since your getting ps+ you will need more than 4gigs of space but still a really good deal since if you have a ps3 the ps+ account carries over. would do this if i wasn't a day one adopter of my precious vita lol
IGN has a great article on the Vita. Great system hampered by Sony. For 299 I might as well get a ps3 or a new phone not a handheld
Michael Moore, you realize a new phone without the contract thats comparable to the VIta in terms of graphical capabilities is about 500+ USD, right? $250 base price is NOT bad, although I'm not saying I wouldn't love for it to be cheaper.
The proprietary memory card situation was a huge mistake. 
Agree with Scott. Should've been mini/micro/SD cards or whatnot.
+Peter Segura  You are correct but lets talk about the millions of people who already have a smartphone. What is the incentive to purchase a product that is over $200. Strickly focusing on price and not game quality. Also keep in mind that a 4GB priopertiary memory card that you will most likely need to upgrade to 32GB at a cost of $100. So right away the hidden cost brings the system value up to $300. That is not justifiable IMO.
Make that an 8gb card and more people will buy it +PlayStation . 4gb cards are DOA. Just think a little, please. 
4GB haha what a mistake I have made. I had Skype, YouTube, Facebook, and some free 3D games originally installed on my VITA. First game I have wanted to play on VITA takes up 3.1GB. I had to erase all so I have enough space to run my game. If you want to enjoy your beer, why ask for a tea cup at beginning.
How about enabling remote play in all ps3 games? Hackers did it. There's no excuse for you not doing it
Great bundle until you see the 4GB memory card. It completely defeats the point of pushing the digital side of the console and especially PlayStation Plus for Vita.

When you take into account a new Vita owner downloading the already available free apps (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), free & freemium games (Treasure Park, TOM Blitz, Frobishers Says!, etc) and say they want to try out downloading/putting some other media on there (films, tv shows etc from the computer and the PS Store). Then you can quickly see that there will be no room on their console to take advantage of Uncharted or Gravity Rush being offered as part of PS+

Including an 8GB memory card would have been better and really helped push sales. It gives the user a bit more room to y'know USE the console to its full capabilities. A 16GB one would have been perfect because the new user could get all the PS+ stuff, current freebies, apps, media etc. and have a bit of room left over for some more. But I get it 16GB is too much to give at that price.

Still you should have gone for 8GB Sony. Seriously, what is the point of the 4GB memory card?
+Callum Langstroth the point is to give them almost nothing in hopes they'll buy a bigger one anyway.

Dear Sony, Vita is dying, and you need to fight to stop that. Doing nothing, will do nothing. It doesn't deserve to be in this position, it's clearly superior hardware

Vita has that activity feed in the live area that Nintendo completely ripped off for their miiverse. The only additions Nintendo made is the ability to attach a screenshot, or a hand-drawn picture. You can do better than that.

PSP/PS3 had RemotePlay since the day PS3 launched. And you let Nintendo rip it off again and take credit from you like they did analog sticks. Enable it in all PS3/PS2 games, dvds, blurays, everything. Don't even let developers disable it. Stop giving them the choice to take our choice away. You currently have more games that support remoteplay than Wii U, but that won't last long. I BEGGED developers to use PSP as a second screen for years, and Nintendo finally came through on your rear view mirror. You could have killed Wii U years in advance.

You took everything that made PSP awesome, and discarded it. You dropped UMD, a proper USB port, tv out, the XMB, PSP go's game pausing and the ability to use PS3 controllers. I have 32 GB in my PSP cause of a microSD adapter. My vita? 4 GB. I'd willingly buy a UMD drive for Vita. Though I already have 5 PSPs which could do it just as well. 

Please, stop sitting on your hands. Do something!
Kal El
Excuse not good enough. Ill stick with my psp
I was hoping Unit 13 would be a PS+ game soon but now I fear it won't be due to this offer. I guess time will tell.
Unit 13 is not a great game, but a year of PS+ with Gravity Rush and Wipeout 2048 is worth it... if I didn't own already the games :/
Unit 13 is one of the best portable shooters I've played
It's length is great, but I find the gameplay to be repetitive considering the re-used stages and game modes. I don't know if it is because of the VITA cartridge format that they could not put more levels in it, because it seems to be the same problem with Call Of Duty (which I didn't buy, thanks the late reviews).
I will buy as soon as you release a microSD compatible Vita.
I Wonder what the christmas price bundle price will be
Could not agree more. Christmas sales (non PSN) makes me pick up games instead of a greater memory card because of the price. Space storage should not be this overpriced when you already have the system.
The PS Vita should of had more internal storage. 
Me too. Good point. I don't even have one but from the reviews of others some people would like some memory.
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little big planet rules gogo sack boy
I Love The New PS3 Super Slim
Already have one and got Plus too, but this is an amazing starter bundle!
How about a full Ratchet and Clank game for the Vita? I'd buy one instantly. And by full I mean full length like TOD. And By game I mean "Not the trash that the PSP Got".
can you reluanch the vita with internal memory like the pspgo did.
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