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Be the first of us to play The Last of Us! Grab God of War: Ascension in March, and get first access to the upcoming demo for The Last of Us. Full details here:
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Aww, c'mon!! I hate those kind of games. Guess I'll just wait, then.
Im finding a little bit (A LOT) of annoying how many times the gaming company is doing things like that.
Well, at least is not as abhorrent as Day-One DLC (or E.A. policy at all)
Why waste my space on my ps3 HDD. I rather be patient and wait till the release date
I love the God of War series but don't have a lot of faith in this one unfortunately... I guess I will wait to play the Last of Us :/
The problem is GoW Ascension is that they are betting far too much on the multiplayer that should be a plus (like Mass Effect) and not the central point (like Battlefield and Call of Duty).

GoW ain't about people beating other, is about YOU hackin 'n' slashin every-fvcking-thing in your path
this demo should be available for everyone, thumbs down Sony
+Kyle Wiersbe Have you played the demo? I think you'll change your mind if you play single player demo from Total Recall.
omg .... i sooo want to play this ... it looks sick.
I'm buying God of War: Ascension Collector's Edition. Great move, Sony. I want to buy The Last of Us aswell.
i want to get Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time when it comes out. BTW, if u don't know when it comes out, it comes out on 2/5/13.
Ждём,ждём,ждём так хочется играть!
When I heard it was gonna be multiplayer I thought they would of gone with a much simpler approach cog.

For example just add another player or two in the main story or separate story, and just make everything really hard like tougher enemies and bosses and Co-OP puzzles. Two or more people hack n slashing everything would be super fun. 
uhh BUYING THIS ASAP now that it comes with a demo of a game just as good! 
timesplitters 3 future perfect or half-life or black (ps2) which1 sud i go for??
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