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It's official: God of War: Ascension is coming to PS3. Watch the first trailer and tell us what you think.
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I think I want to see some game play and a release date!
Terrifiant le trailer, que du bon.
I think 3 prequels is getting a bit excessive.
+Justin Reynolds only ghost of Sparta was a prequel. chains of Olympus was between 1 and 2 (i believe). would be kinda cool to see how he was before becoming the ghost of Sparta (and how the game plays without the blades of chaos)
+Jacob Porter I'm pretty sure that <SPOILER>Kratos' daughter is already dead in GoW 1, though it's not mentionned (as I recall), and that's why he already hates the Gods...</SPOILER>, but I've only played like an hour of my God of War Collection (Have Chains of Olympus on UMD and Red GoW-Edition PSP-2000)
PS3? :(
I'm "God of War"ed out... wish you guys would just work really hard on this guy and make it a PS4 launch game.
Trailer? You mean "teaser", right?
If I recall correctly its been only one GOW game on PS3. How can you be God of War'ed out on it
Yeah That's what everyone waiting for...
(Mega spoiler alert) the guy stabs himself in the stomach and crawls away yet we get another prequel? Wtf man! Its an awesome and fun game but sheesh let's expand on the cliffhanger u left us with
+Justin S there are actually all 5 GoW games on the PS3, remastered (Not that I'm complaining, I can't get enough) so that's probably why +Christopher Riccio is complaining. I SAY BRING IT ON!
+Steve Payne yea I know but those remastered ones were for fan service (profit making) not developed for. Hey its been 3 (true) games for Uncharted and I'm not "charted" out
+Justin S I wasn't arguing against you, I agree with you completely, and I'm not Uncharted or GoW'd out, not even close. Just pointing out what he was most likely trying to say.
prequels = milking
I really like the God of War games, and I'll get this one too but I don't like the idea of prequels for the sake of extending a franchise to get more money.
+Steve Payne oh yea I knew you weren't guess I was trying to discredit his opinion which is actually my fault
Gameplay alone does not make a great game, neither does just the story, when those and graphics, sound, soundtrack, all come together is when you have a great game, I played the first two and the were awesome games, gow3 was apparently a great game, bc of that, you guys haven't even seen gameplay footage and are praising and dissing this game why not wait until it's out then pass judgement!
Maybe they are saving the True sequel for PS4 so they are giving everyone an opportunity to catch up on the story and fill in a few gaps before the jump
+Arquimedes Quintero I personally don't mind... If the game is good, I'll play it. But I don't believe that prequels/sequels are "milking" a franchise, but are to some extent a lack of originality. The story goes on, that's normal. At least it's not like Call of Duty where they take the same game, MAYBE update graphics and re-release it with (sometimes) a new storyline for offline...
+Justin Drobey Agree. Call of Duty is a much worse offender in this regard.
I just wish for more stories to move forward. Too many media is using prequels because they hit an impass in the story and still want to make more money out of the property.
I hope the story of this new game is great.
cuando en ps2 god of war!!!
+Lucia Ruiz What do you mean When? never! There are already 2 God of War on PS2, 2 on PSP, and (now) 2 on PS3. I'm guessing next GoW (after this teased one) is going to be on Vita...
GOW is not really my game and I've only played part 3 because it has such good graphics and technology, what impressed me and i must say i love the team behind gow :) after i get all the making of videos in gow3 and see all these people trying to make a great game for us with love and hard work was realy awesome! and the game was just so damn great thank you that was a nice trip. i think the next gow would be realy goood just look how good was gow3 if you dont believe :D it will be worth it to keep an eye on this ;)
+Christian Löwentraut Play the others! Get them on PS3 (God of War Collection, God of War: Origins Collection) to have them in 720p. It's not like God of War 3, with the blood and gore, but still very enjoyable with the added trophy systems :)
correcting someone when you also got it wrong? :facepalm: may i suggest playing the games before you correct someone?
there is only 1 prequel--which is gow chains of olympus. gow ghost of sparta takes place between the ending of gow 1 and the beginning of gow 2 and is by far the best game of the series, it takes all the elements of the previous game and puts them into 1 awesome experience.
i have no doubt that this game will be awesome and it will be a good way to send off the ps3 and welcome ps4 (just like the ps2)
I just want to know who are we gonna kill in this one =) hahaha
hmm, if it's the beginning of the war, it should be against the Persians and their gods, instead of the Greek gods.
Curious will the prologue Stig wanted to release ever see the light of day??? Will there be any connections to Kratos' brother in this prequel?
there is room for a god of war 4, but of course sony will be smart and use god of war 4 for the eventual release of playstation 4.

if you don't believe how many crazy ideas there were flowing for a possible gow 4, check out the gow game directors live. here's a link for the david jaffe reference to how he would have ended gow 3, which is a really good plot for a future gow game.
This game is going to be fucking epic. Anyone that thinks otherwise is an idiot and can go back to playing your shitty cod games. This is not milking at all i for one am happy that they are making another one. Gow 3 was hands down the best fucking game i have ever played
And as far as ps4 is concerned dont plan on seeing that for at least three more years if not more. Sony has already stated that they have no reason for ps4 yet...there is still much to do with the ps3...keep up the good work sony.
Something tells me they got #4 all figured out but probably is waiting to release that beast on the next system. May as well tap into whats left of the ps3's power and go out with a bang. Since this title deals with him before becoming the ghost of sparda will we actually play the level that involves him murdering his own wife and kid? Can't wait to hear all the complaining thats going to bring. Lol 
So much looking forard to this! Any rough infos bout release date? :)
+Eden Soto I'm sure one is coming :D
+Darshaun Ridgeway you kill your kid at the end of Chains of Olympus... Chronologically, the games are:

GoW 4
GoW: Chains of Olympus
GoW: Ghost of Sparta
GoW 2
GoW 3

But in Chains of Olympus, at the start of the story your wife is already dead (IIRC), and the whole game is to get to your daughter in Hades (but you discover you must kill her to become more like a God, by destroying all remaining human bonds, once again IIRC (played GoW:CoO in 2009))

+Jeremy Kalman You're absolutely correct. Sony's official status on the PS4 is: We will release the Playstation 4 when the Playstation 3 is unable to keep up with the developpers' requirements. AFAIK, there are MINIMAL games that run in 1080p (FFXIII, CoD:MW3, Uncharted 3, Lair, Metal Gear Solid 4 (???) --> off the top of my head). The only game I've seen lag (other than lagging due to 5-hour gaming overheat on a SLIM PS3) is Motorstorm Apocalypse in Split-screen mode. Fully dynamic destructible environment is hard to do, but x2 is just insane (you can't just have events happen on player 1, shit needs to fall on player 2 too).
+Timmo Ac Amazon set a pre-order date for December 31st 2013, hopefully it'll be sooner than 20 months from now. XD
If they keep up with the prequels, in another two games the end boss 'fight' will be him pushing himself out of his mom's birth canal!
I wonder when shall we see a gameplay of this masterpiece
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