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Flash sale! 30 PS3 and PS Vita games are now available for 99 cents, this weekend only. Don't wait! Check out the full list:
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Each Region of Sony Entertainment manages their own specials. SCEE ( Sony Computer Entertainment Europe,) had a different Easter Sale running the past couple weeks. You can also create an account in SCEA ( Sony Computer Entertainment America) and purchase a PSN Card from Once down loaded on your PS3, you are able to play. PS-Vita would require a memory card registered to you SCEA PSN account.
Don't miss these deals in SCEA. Make sure to post to your region of Sony Computer Entertainment that you want Flash Deals also.
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Thanks to you, PS4 hardware sales have surpassed 7 million units worldwide. We couldn't have done it without you!
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+Mario Vincenzo Macri that is not surprising by any means.

End retailers such as WalMart, Best Buy, Target, GAME, or "insert your favorite store here"  purchase consoles in bulk from the manufacturer, in this case Sony.  Then those RETAILERS  are responsible for then shipping units to actual end stores where consumers actually purchase those units. 

Ergo, it's just not surprising, it is completely common  for some end-stores to receive greater, or lesser, allotments of any one particular unit of any one particular device.  Most of the time it is simply not worth the labor, shipping materials, fuel, and physical space resources for retailers to move a few dozen products from one store to another, or even from one geographic location to another, or even then from one region to another, and even from country to another.  

Not to mention there are other legal and trade laws in place that can prevent units sent to one location to another; even if the same retailer is in both locations.  E.G. Canadian tax and import laws are different from US tax and import laws... so a Wal-Mart that might have buckets of PS4's in Canada... can't ship those units to stores in the US that have no units... without having to pay significant tax and legal penalties. In cases where devices require completely different legal certifications such as radio emissions or electrical usage further legal barriers are erected. Not such a big deal for consoles like the PS4 which are generally certified across multiple nations. 

* * *

The real catch here is not whether or not any particular retailer has any particular amount of units in stock at any particular location. If you see stocks of PS4 or Xbox One in your local stores, bully for you. It more than likely isn't worth the retailers resources to ship those units to another location with no stock.

Make no mistake here: getting retail units from one location to another is entirely the burden of the retailer... not the burden of Sony. 

Sony's direct involvement basically ends from a stock standpoint once the retailer has accepted delivery from Sony's warehouses. From that point onwards the retailers is entirely 100% responsible for shipping the retail units to their end stores for sale to consumers.  

The model is very simple: the Retailer buys the console at less than MSRP from the vendor; e.g. Wal-Mart pays maybe $300 for a PS4 instead of $400.  Wal-Mart then has about $100 to spend on getting that device where it needs to go, which has to be spent on fuel, labor, storage, and other associated costs.

Once the unit hits the store shelf it was originally assigned to, the budget under MSRP is built around the idea that the unit will be sold from that location.  Moving the unit to another location now incurs additional fuel, labor, storage, etc, etc, etc. If it seems like I'm repeating myself, I am. This is economics 001  

This is not, by any imagination, an advanced research subject on how shipping and end-user retail works. 

* * *

Anyways, where things can get fuzzy, is how vendors and retailers account for units that have been purchased by a retailer... but not actually SOLD  at the retail chain.  Sony used to have quite a bad reputation back during the original Playstation and Playstation 2 days of claiming units warehoused at retailers to already be sold. 

Also, as a note, Microsoft is already using quote/unquote "Warehoused"  units in order to inflate sales of Xbox One.  How I know that for a fact I'm not going to go into, at least not in Sony's feed. 
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New inFAMOUS Second Son patch adds a bevy of player-requested features — and an impressively full-featured Photo Mode.
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I Want a day night switch
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New PS3 bundle out now: $269.99 gets you a 500GB PS3 and Lego: The Hobbit, based on the first two Hobbit films.
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Wooooooooo ahaha pr0mise
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Boom! Three new PS Vita games! Soul Sacrifice Delta, Freedom Wars, and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines confirmed for release in North America.
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if you've not got the love of RPG then get kill zone. or you could quit wining and play the games suggested.
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Breaking news! NPD confirms PS4 is #1 in console sales for March. Thank you!
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+Niall McGeough are u on Xbox cause I am my best score on cod Ghosts are kills 36 and 6 deaths 
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New features coming to PS4 in system software update 1.70: Rich video editing via the new SHAREfactory app, the ability to switch off HDCP for HDMI video capture, USB export for screenshots and videos, and more. Full details:
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+Jeffrey Miller you bought a PS4 to watch regular DVD's. . . . didn't realize people under age 40 still watched regular dvd's
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PlayStation Store update is live! Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PS4), Trials Fusion (PS4), Dead Nation (PS Vita), and more. What are you playing this week?
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Genial no cren
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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is out today on PS4. Enter a world of myth and magic, and explore Eorzea's lush landscapes in 1080p.
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Excelente juego
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New PlayStation games for 4/15: Final Fantasy XIV out on PS4 alongside Trials Fusion
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