Our weekly maintenance has been completed, here are the changes for the week: 

All monsters will give x1.5 exp when killed for the next two weeks 

Repeatable monster hunt quests being added to Alberta for spotlight. 

O'Reily will stay another week and properly convert silver coins 

Byalan Dungeon 6 will be open to everyone, not just VIPs 

MVP summoner will no longer have the option to summon Valkyrie Randgris 

Vanargand helm returns to the Kafra shop 

High TI map changed to Abyss Lake

Turn ins 
low Red/Yellow Novus 
mid Ground Deleter / Abysmal Knight 
high Gold/Blue Acidus 

Wild Rose cats are being added to the major towns 

Promethean Crown, Champions Wreath and Book hat become unbound 
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