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celebrity plastic surgery, plastic surgery before and after, plastic surgery gone wrong, bad plastic surgery, awful plastic surgery
celebrity plastic surgery, plastic surgery before and after, plastic surgery gone wrong, bad plastic surgery, awful plastic surgery


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Did Ashley Olsen Plastic Surgery Really Have Plastic Surgery?

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Plastic Surgery Before & After
Ashley Olsen, began her acting career appearing with her twin sister Mary-Kate, on the Full House sit-com when she was an infant, is now a fashion designer. Ashley, now 29 years old, along with her twin sister, Mary-Kate, through...

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Did Amber Rose Get Butt & Breast Implants?

Amber Rose Boob Job
Is Amber Rose Plastic Surgery True? Or Just A Rumor?
For the inexperienced eye, a body like the one of Amber Rose could be considered a great gift from Mother Nature. However, we all know how difficult is to keep our bodies fit. And while some celebrities spend hours at the...

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Mark Feuerstein Plastic Surgery Before & After

This hunk and star of the USA drama series “Royal Pains” certainly doesn’t seem like he needs plastic surgery. But if press reports are to be believed, he’s had more work done than the average overly vain Hollywood trophy wife. It’s especially ironic because on the...

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Katty Kay Plastic Surgery Before & After

It seems journalists have also fallen prey to the celebrity epidemic of plastic surgery due to the constant pressure to look ‘presentable’ on our TV screens and the latest in the list is the eminent English News anchor for BBC—Katty Kay. The 50-year-old fierce journalist has been a reg...

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Judith Light Plastic Surgery Before & After

She looks great. We totally agree with it. In fact, this was the first reason that made people curious and wondering whether or not she has any plastic surgery done.
Despite the fact that she has been 66 years old, her youthful look is well preserved. Judith Light plastic surgery become a hot...

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Emmylou Harris: Plastic Surgery Or Aging Gracefully?

It is no secret that the paparazzi-filled world can be cruel especially for celebrities. We all get older as time goes on, and Emmylou Harris — like any other celeb out there — is no exception. Harris is a gorgeous woman for her age, and many people still refuse to believe...

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Elizabeth Mitchell Plastic Surgery Before & After

Elizabeth Mitchell was sensational, playing Angelina Jolie’s lover in the biographical movie ‘Gia’ and then came the smashing series finale of ‘Lost’ in 2010 which also got the talented actress a Primetime Emmy nomination. The gorgeous American lady keeps proving her mettle tim...

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Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery - Botched Breast Implants

Tori Spelling shot to fame when her father, Aaron Spelling, cast her as Donna Martin in Beverly Hills 90210. Despite her lavish lifestyle and Hollywood career, the bubbly actress lacked the one thing she wanted most – self esteem. Her lack of confidence led her to make several decisions,...

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Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Before & After

You could already call him a legend and a head on the who’s-who of the movie star Mt. Rushmore of today, this of course is Tom Cruise. At 52, how do you suppose someone could possibly look as young as he does? That is the question which has seemed to revolve around Cruise throughout the last f...

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Taylor Armstrong Plastic Surgery Before & After

Taylor Armstrong is a celebrity best known for her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seasons 1-3 and as a guest on the show in seasons 4-5. Armstrong is also known for her traumatic past, including an abusive relationship with her then-husband who later, tragically committed suicide....
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