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Buy, Sell, or Trade Magic: the Gathering Cards!
Buy, Sell, or Trade Magic: the Gathering Cards!

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For anyone who hasn't checkout the new Fate Reforged set, here's our complete visual spoiler!

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#TBT For today's #ThrowbackThursday we've got Ajani Vengeant! Can you name the other 3 planeswalkers that appeared in Shards of Alara with Ajani Vengeant?

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Here it is! Our latest promo code is good for 10% off your next Planeswalker's Library order. The code is GP1114 and expires on 11/30/2014. Please help spread the word by sharing this post!

Hey everyone, Planeswalker's Library is getting ready to release a promo code. Which would you prefer, free shipping on an order over $50 (great for booster boxes!) or 10% off any order? Share this post so we can get as much feedback as possible!

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Cruel Sadist is now only $0.25 each! Need a playset? Get it for only $1.00!

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Great news! We've lowered prices on dozens of Khans of Tarkir cards! Get 'em before your opponents do! #KTK 

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Get yourself a Master of Pearls for only $0.25! Or, get yourself a playset for only $1.00!

Who's playing Magic today?

Who's going to #FNM tonight and what deck are you taking?

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#TBT Throw back Thursday! The original Jace Beleren from the Lorwyn expansion set, the first set with Planeswalker cards. Jace Beleren was one of the original 5 planeswalkers. Can you name the other 4?
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