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This is what we will be playtesting this evening!
Instructions on how to test Tabletop Forge 1.0. Please note this is still pretty much a manual process but does allow anyone to spawn up a "project" on their own and invite their group members without needing me to do anything.

1) First you need to create a project. Go to and Create a Project. After is it created you can rename it whatever you want.

2) On the menu on the left will be a menu called "Services". Here you want to find the slider for Google+ Hangouts API and turn it on. You should be prompted for a couple of Google terms of service agreements.

3) On the menu on the left will be a menu called "Team". Here you want to add in the Google+ account email of anyone you want to be able to access your project (a.k.a. your group).

4) On the menu on the left will be a menu called "Hangouts". Under the Application URL paste in this url and hit "Save":

5) Underneath the Application URL should be a "Enter a Hangout!" URL. Click this to start the developer Hangout. Once you are in you should see an Apps button at the top. Click that and select the name of your project from the dropdown and hit "Load App".

6) Share the URL of the Hangout (at top of your screen) to anyone on your team for them to enter. Make sure before the first time they have visited one of the pages of the project so they get prompted for the Google terms of service agreements.
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I should be around tonight coding the 2.0 version if you encounter any hiccups or have any questions.
Thanks! Looking forward to trying it out. Character tab goes live in the next version, right?

Yeah I was having issues when players were dropping and coming in with the syncing so had to nix it this time around. But in 2.0 should be fixed.

But Google docs is now in the developer Hangouts too so that may help if you use that.
Need to test it later. When players clicked the link they all ended up in separate hangouts and I did not have time to troubleshoot. We ended up using a regular hangout for it. Did find the chat and docs quite useful though...
Ahh ok. Did one person start it up and then share the link he was in? If you each clicked on "Enter a Hangout" yeah it would have put you in separate ones.
During step 6, only 1 person needs to start the Hangout. Once they are in and the app is loaded they can just copy and paste the URL of that Hangout itself to the others. There is no real way to "invite" someone or anything yet in the developer preview.
Aha! Good to know. On the good side by the time we get ppl together again it should be up to version 2.0 from the sound of things.
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