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Pokémon Podcast - It's Super Effective
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It's Super Effective is ready to evolve our podcast to the next level. If you're willing to listen, we can take that journey together.
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Pokémon Podcast - It's Super Effective

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According to one of creators of Pokémon, the world you are referring to is not Earth. "We think of it as a place that is really similar to Earth, but is a different planet of its own with people in it who may be similar to people on Earth, but they have different values so they care about different things. It's the type of place, the Pokémon world, where problems we face on Earth just wouldn't happen." This would clear up the confusion about jobs, money, crime. There are still professions in the world, like Pokémon Professors, Pokémon Breeders, Gym Leaders. Pokémon are also not animals. That can be seen in the anime where there are regular animals along side Pokémon as fish in the sea or regular birds in the sky.  
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+Alex Eding Oh no doubt - I did laugh. Also - saw you at Gen Con, but didn't get to say "hi" cause you were swamped it looked like. 
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It's Super Effective - the #1 Pokémon Podcast in the World.
"It's Super Effective" has made it as high as the #2 most downloaded video game podcast in iTunes. In January of 2011 the Pokémon Podcast introduced a video podcast called "Critical Hit" (on hiatus). On June 1st, 2011, PKMNcast debuted it's long awaiting mature podcast, "Leftovers" (on hiatus), which hit #3 most downloaded video game podcast in iTunes.