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wow whats happened to google+ .. haven't had a chance to sign on for a while and it's all changed!!
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Ambiguous changes :/
And I think it's not the end!
Rob G
Same here I almost fell off my chair :) but love it
LOL +Rob G i'm just getting used to it, the big profile picture freaked me out when I clicked on my page! Hope they don't change it too much +Robert Voight it gets confusing when sites change all the time!
Rob G
+Pixie Copley I don't think they will as long as they don't make it look like FB, I hate their layout never like it at all....Bright interfaces is always appealing to the eye's
+Rob G Agreed. I hope they don't mess too much with this new format. Being new to G+ and all of a sudden it's changed. Whoa +Pixie Copley I'm not sure I like that profile image of mine anymore. lol
+Lasgalen Arts you're profile image doesn't look too bad to me .. mine scared the life out of me, didn't expect to a see big face staring back!
I hope they don't make it like facebook either, although I am a fan of the new huge banners!!
LOL +Pixie Copley I'll be happy if they just don't give us adds here. And YES the FB banners are such a visible improvement.
Wow, I guess I need to sign on here more often. Just came back an everything looks different.
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