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891 followers - is Delhi-based Animation Studio Company. is Delhi-based Animation Studio Company.

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Sony Pictures Imageworks is closing Imageworks India in Chennai
The Imageworks web site boasts that “The Imageworks India satellite office is located in the International Tech Park Chennai. A state of the art digital pipeline is completely integrated with Imageworks Culver City headquarters.” [ #SonyPictures #India ] Ac...

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Lighting Your Shot Workshop: Make Your Work Stand Out
Lighting plays an important role in the overall filmmaking process. Lighting helps to tell a story, evoke an emotion, and capture that moment in time. If you seek proof of the value of lighting — just check out our recent (and inspirational) Showcase .  And...

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What is consisted of an excellent exhibition stall designing?
In present days marketing mix, when companies don’t leave any stone unturned to get their product and services to reach at their designated  audiences, the business or trade fairs are the most exclusive way  to get their targeted audiences as well as people...

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Facebook is an infectious disease. Really?
A new study of Facebook's user base has predicted that the social network’s rapid growth will prove unsustainable and that the site will lose 80% of their users between 2015 to 2017. The researchers are saying that ‘Facebook’ is a highly contagious disease ...

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Diploma in 3D Animation
3D animation is in vogue right now. The animation industry has grown exceptionally in India since the last decade or so and has turned into a multi-million dollar industry. What this means for those who are keen on making a career in animation is that there...

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Want A Career In 3D Game Development?
The computer games industry is now firmly established as a major feature in the contemporary media landscape. While still a relatively young industry, gaming has achieved phenomenal success and continues to grow at an incredibly rapid pace. It is a speciali...

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Animation & Multimedia
Multimedia is a convergence of disciplines such as graphics, print, text, audio, video and animation. Applications are far ranging from computer-based tutorials, interactive games to corporate presentations of the highest order. Pixel Edge Design Studio has...

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All-Purpose Catalog Design and Printing Services
At Pixel Edge Design Studio , we understand that running a business can be challenging; we believe that finding professional, affordable custom catalog printing services to help promote your business should be easy. Our printing process can be done on short...

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What Are Computer Graphics?
Computer graphics refers to a fairly wide field of digital creation that primarily regards the use of computers and software programs to create visual media. Sometimes simply referred to as CG, computer graphics can include still two-dimensional (2-D) and t...

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What Is 3D Visualization?
Visualization is the ancient art of creating graphic renditions of concrete things or abstract ideas. Early examples of visualization might include cave paintings, and modern examples exist under a number of categorizations and might include the designs of ...
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