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Using Your Facebook Profile to Attract Website Visitors
When building your brand, you can’t neglect any channels that could bring in traffic. If you’re not using your Facebook profile to attract website visitors, follow these steps to get on track.

Business owners invest a lot of time and money into their website, making sure that it is user-friendly, easy on the eye, set apart from the competition and optimized for search.

However, before your potential new customers even land on your website, they may well go through your brand’s Facebook profile. Today, social media has never been more popular, with millions of users checking Facebook daily, and even more over on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others.

So, why sabotage all the effort and funding that you’ve invested into your business website with an unappealing, unengaging Facebook page? It makes no sense, but there are still many businesses who forget this increasingly important part of digital marketing. If your Facebook page is looking boring and unappealing, here are some key ways to get it back on track.
#1. Consistent Graphics and Design:

If your business logo is different on your website and your social media pages, then visitors are quickly going to become confused. If they click through to your site from Facebook and it looks completely different, they might even end up wondering if they’re on the right website – hardly the confidence that you want to instill in somebody who’s about to make a purchase! For the best results, you should ensure that your graphic design, for example your Facebook cover photos and your logo, is consistent across all social media profiles and your website – this will help you to build a more visually recognizable, memorable brand.
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The Importance of a Mobile First Design for Your Site
We’ve become more mobile these days, using our phones for everything, especially online searches. Read on for why you need a mobile first design for your site.
The Importance of a Mobile First Design for Your Site

Your website is a portal through which you convey your message.

Whether the goal of your message is to provide news, an opinion, a service, or a product, website design can make or break a business.

Web design trends may come and go (does anybody remember the ‘under construction’ signs in the internet’s early days?), some prove their worth and become standards.

And now, with the continued proliferation of mobile technology, web design has come to a new focus in what’s known as mobile first design.

Mobile first design isn’t just another fad or a buzzword.

It’s becoming an increasingly important aspect of how websites are made, which is born out of how they’re being used.
In this post, we’ll discuss what mobile first design is, why it’s important and more.
#mobilefirstdesing #responsivedesign

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Buying Reviews? Here’s Why You Should Never Buy Fake Reviews
Are you buying reviews to help kick-start your business online? STOP! Read this post to understand why you should NEVER buy fake reviews.

All business owners recognize the struggle of marketing their product or service. A key element of that is social proof, i.e. positive word of mouth from existing customers. In today’s day and age this invariably means online reviews.

Having mostly positive reviews can skyrocket a business to the top, but having a lot of negative reviews can completely ruin it, even if the problems are quickly fixed.

Of course the best way to prompt positive reviews from customers and clients is to provide high quality products and services, with excellent customer care, so they genuinely want to tell others. However it’s only natural for business owners to seek quick ways to generate the same buzz.

The fact is, having no online reviews can be just as bad as having negative ones, so many businesses try to get a leg up by resorting to buying fake reviews.

To learn more about online reviews, the facts and figures, and how they influence consumers – check out the following infographic from

#buyingreviews #fakereviews #businessreviews #socialproof

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Why Your Customer Service Response Time Might Be The Biggest Lead Conversion Problem Your Website Has.
Your Customer Service Response Time Might be the Number 1 Thing Keeping Your from Converting Web Leads Into Sales.
#customerservice #responsetime #socialmediaresponsetime

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How to Create a YouTube Video in 5 Easy Steps
This post will show you how to create a YouTube Video in 5 Easy Steps, more importantly you will be able to use this super sticky content to create sales and build your brand effectively.
#YouTube #CreateVideo #videomarketing

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Google Answer Box – Google has come up with another new feature that is changing the face of SEO by adding an Answer Box to the search results.
#googleanswerbox #googleserps #seo

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What is a mentor? Are you looking for an inspirational voice to motivate you in your career? Follow the Careers of These Famous Salespeople and the wisdom that made them great mentors.
#mentor #careertips

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Stuck Wondering How to Plan a Website Design Budget? Here’s What You Need to Know! #websitedesignbudget #websitedesign #webdevelopment

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If you’re not blogging for your business, then you are missing out big time.

In fact, you’re already missing out on website traffic and it is only a matter of time before your website loses all relevance.

More users are now going online to search for important information about products and services they would like to buy. According to a 2014 Google Report, millions of websites are being indexed but out of these, only 52%make any revenue. You might have the most fantastic-looking website but with poor or no return on investment (ROI), does your fantastic website really matter? A blog can change all this, especially if you are able to choose the right layout.
#blogging #drivewebsitetraffic #blogdesign

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The ONLY Gmail SMTP Plugin for WordPress That Works!

Can’t send to Gmail from WordPress? Postman Gmail SMTP plugin is the ONLY WordPress SMTP plugin that allows WordPress to send to Gmail using OAuth 2.0 without issues. #gmail #WordPress #GmailSMTP #SMTPplugin

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