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"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." - Albert Einstein
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yeeeehhh, man. pit it up you bull <3
Love<3 that quote tehehe
Pit, I want to hook you up with a dope t-shirt from my start-up company, MondoBaldo - For the Bald & Proud. May I and how? I think you're gonna dig it :)
nice quote or saying or whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aint that the truth !! And damn you are so HOT !!
pit i hope u smack the shit out of Drake!!!
a person how never made mistake never come to world
a person who never made mistake never came to world
A person who never made a mistake is "mistake"
i am a raping.I love you PITBULL:-})
cant wait to see you friday nifgt at grad bash... class of 2012
Then I must be trying something new everyday.
I never knew that... you're...just full of wisdom. Why not put much more in your songs?
before 5 days same line iz my status on
amamzing pics LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
siempre los mismos trajes! change!
I hope p know tht n real life he's. Short as hell
pitbull you rock i always listen dance again and international love
i like when ur in the white suit i just love it lol
this is good i love your star and wish to like u.
Ok- I am going to ask the question: Who chooses your suits? Who are you wearing! Gosh you always look smoking!
i am an image of God and i am train my self to choose only the light mind of  GOD  FOR ever if  i can, is by him who have make me so and as man thinking's so he is. may i be the King of the Kingdom of  Wisdom FOR THERE IS FREEDOM . And i went you too to be the QUEEN GOD BLESS AS ALL AND NEVER GIVE UP , YES WEE CAN IN THE NAME OF MY GOD
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