Who can you call for animal help?
May is the beginning of the turtle season, with mature females returning under cover of darkness to the beach of their birth to nest. As this is such a crucial decision, they often make several lumbering forays up the beach before settling on a location.

When swimmers at Lady's Mile beach near Limassol found this disorientated female Loggerhead in the shallow waters this week, they contacted the experts at nearby Akrotiri Environmental Centre for advice.

Occasionally turtles are caught still exploring the beach after dawn... if you spot one, stay well back and keep a watching brief. Local 'Turtlewatch' volunteers protect nests during the two month incubation, and carefully shepherd hatchlings making their perilous journey to the sea.

If you are interested in seeing turtles, we recommend George's Atlantis sunset cruise from Paphos harbour.

Akrotiri Environmental Centre: http://www.english.akrotirienvironment.com
Atlantis Turtle Watching Cruise: http://facebook.com/Atlantis-Turtle-Watching-Cruise-497347406968398/
Photos: http://allaboutlimassol.com

Post: Nikki at http://pissouribay.com

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