New Targets have been sighted, Cap’n! Three points off the starboard bow! Prepare to change course - ‘tis first come, first served me lads!
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huh???? cool thingy but dnt get the point..
New Targets again? What happened to the last targets?
Every 7 days new locations appear on map after 4 days they disappear.  Same with the shipwrecks / convoys but those last longer.  
Ah... erm, I am looking for folks to add for Tides of Fortune.  If I may.
I cant sing in my account ? It won´t let me in 2 days !
50 Rubies every five days sucks, should be at least 75 to 100 every five days.
It seems near impossible to get a target unless you are level 40+.  They should add some targets that have a level cap.  i.e. level 20 target, level 30 target, etc...
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HOLY SH*T - that's exactly what I wrote Plarium about!  It is a total buzzkill to build up an army and attempt to commandeer one of those targets because it is dominated by 45 - 55 level bullies!  We need to start a CAUSE and have thousands sign on to this concept so that Plarium has no choice but comply!!
Suggestion:  break down targets into Level 20 -30, 31 - 40, 41 -50.  If you are too big or too small a level you can't get in.  Real simple I think.
I agree with Michael and Brian... Guys at high levels already have soooooo much at their disposal, they raid and plunder like insane and get sooo much from the targets aswell....
Players who joined a bit later have no chance of everrrrrrr catching up no matter what they do....
Should breakdown the targets into levels.... lower level targets give less than the high level ones as high level players need more resources but at least the low level players will get something rather than nothing at all and will have something worth battling for this way....
Also they can keep an option, if low level players are strong enough they can try to get bigger targets if they are upto it.... But can't get those below their levels bracket....
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