... the name of the drink is due to the name of Grog is due to Admiral Edward Vernon, whose nickname was Old Grogram?
In 1740 he ordered that the rum was diluted with water and the beverage was given the name grog in disdain for Vernon's command decision. With that said, the word was used in the Caribbean at least as early as 1718. However, it is uncertain of the "grog" before 1740 was rum mixed with water or some other island concoction. What is known
is that after Vernon started the practice, Rum mixed with water (and usually lemon or lime juice) was called grog. Some sources suggest that Edward Vernon was actually nick-named "Old Grog" after he instituted the policy of mixing the sailors rum.Water and rum mixed together was often called Grog.

... pirates also had superstitions!

It is believed that the soul of the ship is embodied in the ship's bell. For this reason, the bells of shipwrecked vessels are preserved whenever possible. Bells of sunken ships are supposed to ring from beneath the seas where the wrecked craft lies.Like the bell of a church, the ship’s bell had the task of keeping away all hostile influences such as storms and devils.It is said that a ship’s bell that rings without human aid is an omen of death.

Cats brought luck. If a ship's cat came to a sailor, it meant good luck. If the cat approached the sailor and then went away, it was bad luck. If a cat was thrown overboard, a storm and very bad luck would follow.

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