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Because your success starts with you
Because your success starts with you

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Dealing with rejection. It happens to all of us. Here are some good tips to help.

"One person's opinion, or one single incident, should never define who you are."

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If changes aren't coming as quickly as you'd like, it might not be for the reasons you think.

Change is not the one-time event most of us imagine it as.

It actually happens in stages. Read on to discover the stages of change and what to do when change feels difficult:

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Although I'm now a fan of affirmations, it wasn't always that way. I used to think they didn't work.

As an avid reader of personal development books, I heard about their effectiveness again and again. But when I'd try to use them, I couldn't see that they made any difference.

It turns out, sometimes it takes an adjustment in wording to create powerful affirmations. If you've had similar challenges with affirmations, I'm sharing the one word you'll want to know:

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I’ve heard planes use the greatest amount of fuel during takeoff and their initial climb to cruising altitude.

That sounds a lot like the early stages of working toward goals.

I bet you’ve experienced that moment when you look up at your goal and feel overwhelmed. It seems too big or scary. It feels like it will never happen because of the tremendous effort you anticipate it taking.

What seemed believable and achievable during the planning stages suddenly seems extremely challenging as you take the first steps toward attaining it.

That’s the stage where many people give up. But there's another way. Discover how to gain momentum and go from goal setting to goal GETTING with more ease:

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Some great ideas. I especially like #13:

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The recovering perfectionist part of me really enjoyed this interview:

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Within the last two weeks, I’ve dealt with a lot of loss.
It came in waves.

And although I didn’t realize it at first, I was trying to avoid feeling the pain. My go-to method for avoidance was positive thinking.

But as each wave came through, it got increasingly difficult to find the bright side of things. That’s when I realized I was attempting to avoid feeling, and by doing so, was prolonging my pain.

Read on as I share what’s been going on. And discover the 5 steps for moving through pain, instead of trying to avoid it. Plus, where positive thinking fits in to healing:

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Unknowingly, many of us practically guarantee a life that doesn’t feel as good as we’d hoped.

It’s not because of a lack of focus or clarity. Nope. There’s a good chance your goals are crystal clear.

I've learned that when life doesn't feel the way you imaged it would, it's often because of the direction of your focus.

I spent years working hard, but focusing in the wrong direction. It turns out, that was the reason I couldn't get what I wanted. In this post, I'll show you how a small shift in where you're focusing can mean a big change in results:

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Do you sometimes feel powerless around food? Are there certain foods that, no matter how hard you try, feel irresistible?

Are those feelings keeping you from achieving your goals?

Maybe you’ve told yourself, “I just love food too much.”

Until I learned differently, I thought that too.

I promise you: there’s usually more to it than that. In fact, the timing of your emotional eating or overeating can be helpful in understanding the deeper reasons. Read on to see how it works:
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