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Piotr Porzycki
always curious techie. open. dual-core.
always curious techie. open. dual-core.
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we can still change this (most of us)

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looks like a church but it isn't one. #Belfast

command of the day: 
rm -rf *

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I am seriously considering using +GoogleGlass for work in the future! 

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MessiahComplex ;) +4 !

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Here’s a simpler approach: We could carve out a copyright exemption for service manuals.

Many manufacturers — like Apple — don’t post their manuals online, and serve takedown notices to anyone who does.

And how about an online repository of scanned plastic parts? When the hinge breaks on your HP laptop, print a new one.

(It’s legal; devices are patented, but components usually aren’t.)

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British non-profits are using technology to tackle the world's toughest problems. The Global Impact Challenge will give 4 organisations a £500,000 Global Impact Award and assistance from Google to help make their vision a reality. Join me in voting for which project you think has the greatest impact
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