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Piotr Janeczek (Ashaneen)
Ambient / New Age / Epic / Cinematic / Space Music composer and producer
Ambient / New Age / Epic / Cinematic / Space Music composer and producer


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ASHANEEN - Epic Dramatic Intro / Opener / Trailer (Royalty Free Music)

Very emotional, hybrid epic dramatic intro / opener / trailer - uplifting, dark and majestic with powerful orchestral strings and great choral staccatos, cinematic drums and FX. Created for the action, fantasy and adventure movies, game scenes, teasers and trailers. Slow beginning, which quickly turns into the fast and powerful epic orchestra.

Big adventure, amazing quest and mission, fight for love, glory and freedom, eternal love, infinite space and horizons, great emotions, ride and flying, victory, king, queen, imperium, battle, conquering, big army, warships, knights, kingdom, realms.

Created for emotional epic movies and scenes, impressive trailers, video games, fairy tales, legends, fantasy and science fiction themes, actions and adventures, documentaries, travels, nature scenes (mountains, oceans, sky, flying), sport and activities (winners, champions, contest, tournament), for motivational and inspirational projects, sublime events, for presenting your opener, logo, intro.

Also perfect for commercial corporate promos and TV & radio adverts or announcement. Working with social and network themes.

Track available for Royalty Free Licensing at ProductionTrax:

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"A New Beginning" from my album "Waves of Life" (2015, Real Music), available on Spotify... :)
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Ethereal 31 minutes of Ambient / New Age relaxation & meditation Soundscapes with sounds of nature - Ocean Waves. Volume 2 from a series of six albums with amazing relaxation music and beautiful nature sounds: "The Best Healing Music for Relaxation, Meditation & Sleep with Nature Sounds: OCEAN WAVES" by Ashaneen (Piotr Janeczek). 


Album available as digital download at:
– Amazon MP3 (over 100 great reviews at Amazon!):
– iTunes:
– Bandcamp:
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New great review for my album "Waves of Life" by BT Fasmer from (formerly New Age Music Odyssey)! :)


Ashaneen’s new album "Waves of Life" is a proof that there’s complexity in simplicity. Designed for sleep, meditation and relaxation, "Waves of Life" takes us on a journey to the very core of our existence. It’s like a super powerful, non-toxic drug.

Ashaneen’s real name is Piotr Janeczek. There are not many Polish New Age music artists around, but this is one to follow. Ashaneen is now a Real Music label artist.

Wave after wave
I must confess that I’m a little skeptical about albums that mainly consist of synth pads. Often they are bland and have no story to tell. Listening to "Waves of Life" though, all my appreciations washed away. This is not just pad chords. Like Liquid Mind (also a Real Music artist), there’s a high degree of musical poetry. Ashaneen creates highly visual audio paintings, filled with colors, scope and drama. The music can take you wherever you want to go. It is truly epic.

The album has an interesting layout; each of the 10 tracks is a «wave». One after another they wash over you, filling you with a feeling of joy and positivity. The last track, "A New Beginning", has rhythm and a wonderful melody. It is the wake up track (which you should remove from any sleep playlist).

Ashaneen’s finesse is in the synth pads; they are extremely rich. Many, many layers together create a larger-than-life atmosphere. Jean Michel Jarre couldn’t have done it better if he had chosen to do a pad-only album (not very likely, though). Other instruments are used as well – we get to hear some piano, flute and synth leads – but they are like distant stars in a cosmic display. Far away, insignificant.

In conclusion: Ashaneen’s "Waves of Life" is a premium meditation album. If you are looking for a sleep aid, or an album for massage or thinking, this is a must-have.

Score: 94/100

By BT Fasmer,, September 9, 2015
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Over 2 MILLIONS music streams via Amazon Cloud! :)
I'm very happy to announce that the number of streams of my tracks via Amazon Cloud streaming service has exceeded 2 MILLION'S (exactly 2,031,459)! :)
Report from TuneCore distribution service covers a period from April 2013 to June 2015.

My music in Amazon store:
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