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Why Google+ Photos is not as usable as it could be:

1. When you share lots of large albums (100s of photos in each of them) with members of your family they have no means how to simply access and browse list of those albums. The best they can do is to enter your profile and browse photos by date. There should be separate link in Photos eg. Albums Shared With Me. Albums are natural containers for photos, when someone wants to watch old photos it is usually related to some past events and she/he looks for album from this event. Currently it is difficult and inconvenient.

2. When you upload tagged photos searching by these tags does not work well. I'm not sure why some photos can be found and some can not. If photo has a tag and I have rights to see this photo it should appear on search results.

3. When you use name tags in Picasa, and some of these name tags are not related to Google+ profiles it is impossible to search by them after uploading such photos to Google+. I do not understand why I can upload and see such name tags when browsing photos in Google+ but in the same time they do not appear in search results.

4. User has little control over what and how appears on her/his albums list. Google+ does not allow to change album date (it knows better, assuming that date embedded in file is always correct - that is wrong). A lot of small crap like hangouts and photos from posts appear on albums list. Albums should be collections of photos consciously chosen by user. It bothers me that effects of some random actions as posting bunch of funny GIFs or long hangout conversation trashes my albums list. If I care for them I can always find them and convert into organized album. At least it should be possible to opt-out from hangout related albums and albums created by posting a bunch of photos.
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They also need to add a remove duplicates button!
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Piotr Jaśniewicz

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Google+ Mobile App

Do you use Google+ on your mobile device?  Here's a video we put together to highlight some of the most useful mobile features: Events with Party Mode, Hangouts, Instant Upload, and more!

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