Just a heads up, I am uploading the alpha at the moment. About 2 hours from when this was posted it should be uploaded.


Noteworthy features.
Added FileBot to batch rename Movie and TV Show files.

Added a data recovery script.

Included peerflex with the scripts. Also setup firefox so the scripts are an option to use.

Plex has replaced XBMC. Also included a command to update the UnSupportedAppstore Channel and PlexAeonPHT Theme.

Added Gnome-do

Still using Nemo with the cover plugin and IMDB thubnailer.
Also included Nemo-Preview.

Keyboard shortcuts are working now. ctrl+alt+delete brings up system monitor. Printscreen is binded to shutter. Couldn't get alt+printscreen to bind to Screenshot Window so using super+printscreen for that.

Netflix working without the user having to do anything.

Added TRIM to boot.

And a load of bug fixes.

There is more but can't think of them at the moment.

If you do decide to install I reconmend doing  a freash install and using btrfs. Btfrs has come a long way and is much better then ext4 and works great in this version.


Nemo can have a funny few minutes. Just let it cache the thumbnails and it works fine afterwards. It can and does crash when generating thumbnails for a folder with a lot of content. Once the thubnails are created it works fine.
Just uploading the Pinguy OS Alpha. Pretty happy with what I have got.
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