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Just a heads up, I am uploading the alpha at the moment. About 2 hours from when this was posted it should be uploaded.

Noteworthy features.
Added FileBot to batch rename Movie and TV Show files.

Added a data recovery script.

Included peerflex with the scripts. Also setup firefox so the scripts are an option to use.

Plex has replaced XBMC. Also included a command to update the UnSupportedAppstore Channel and PlexAeonPHT Theme.

Added Gnome-do

Still using Nemo with the cover plugin and IMDB thubnailer.
Also included Nemo-Preview.

Keyboard shortcuts are working now. ctrl+alt+delete brings up system monitor. Printscreen is binded to shutter. Couldn't get alt+printscreen to bind to Screenshot Window so using super+printscreen for that.

Netflix working without the user having to do anything.

Added TRIM to boot.

And a load of bug fixes.

There is more but can't think of them at the moment.

If you do decide to install I reconmend doing  a freash install and using btrfs. Btfrs has come a long way and is much better then ext4 and works great in this version.


Nemo can have a funny few minutes. Just let it cache the thumbnails and it works fine afterwards. It can and does crash when generating thumbnails for a folder with a lot of content. Once the thubnails are created it works fine.
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OK, should be uploaded. Enjoy!
Looks really, really beautiful!! I'll download in just a few, and will definately check it out!!
Gorgeous! I plan to try this out very soon.
You guys really should start using bittorrent as an alternate download method. Sourceforge has really gotten craptacular lately. Not to mention those of us with shoddy wifi drivers need the ability to suspend/resume downloads =/
I normally do for the finals. Have you tried a different mirror?
+Ben Lutgens Try DownThemAll extension for firefox, you have the ability to suspend/close and resume later, in my experience even when is unexpected closed the download do not failed. And you have md5/sha verification.
Sorry my english =)
Well currently I'm using wget with the -c option and have already fetched the .md5 file so I can make sure I got it all =) torrent would still be preferable IMHO
startup screen ask "not listed?" and a user/password is required.
Im puzzled.......?....;)
( the two-times ENTER just directs back to "not listed?" question), sorry.
Dan K
I'm using the Pinguy OS version 13.10, Beta3 release, and booting into the live mode from a flash drive using the i686 32 bit version.  I'm prompted for a Login name.  This works every time for me:

1) On the initial screen, Left Click on the word LOGIN, a small login window will open.
2) Type "guest" (with no quote marks) in lower case (be sure you can SEE the letters "guest".  If you can't, click the upper left corner arrow to exit the window, and then click LOGIN again and then type "guest" without any quotes.
3) Hit the Enter Key once
4) Put your cursor in the Password box, and Hit the DELETE key a few times to remove everything from the password line
5) Hit the ENTER key again to login and screen will go black for a second with your cursor remaining on the screen as the login/boot continues to the desktop.
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