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Watch it in 1080p, full screen. The video has no sound.
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How do you get that strange arrangement of your windows in the overview (around 00:34)? Mine are always arranged in a grid.
I definitely want to check this out when it's released, I loved the last version and actually introduced a few people to Linux with this distro. Hopefully +Chris Fisher can review this on the Linux Action Show to make this badass distro more well known, if it's anything like the last version it may give Mint a run for it's money.
I disagree, if I were to recommend a distro for anybody right now, it'd be pinguy OS full stop. It is stable ( the last official release is amazing ) it has a host of fantastic software pre-installed and it just rocks. The very first distribution that detected all of the hardware on all of my pc's. Oh and flash player works in fullscreen straight off the bat unlike mint I'm afraid. Not that I don't love mint, I really do and i can't wait to see their new tweak-able gnome shell desktop, but pinguy is my desktop of choice at the mo.
A bit harsh saying that pinguy will 'never' be what mint is imo but i do agree with you about the mint menu and update manager, i wouldn't be able to function without both of them, the reason they are used is because they are simply the best out there and fair deuce to the mint team in that respect.
The future of linux is looking brighter and competition is only a good thing for the end user. :-)
Thanks dude, I'm a proper distro-hopper so I'll probably give this a go for a while. BTW anyone who hasn't checked out 'Bodhi linux' should really give it a look especially if you have an old netbook or laptop lying around, it needs so little to run ( 300mhz 128 mb ram ) and its stunning, really, check out the system requirements and then the art gallery.
Yeah the startup sound is from ubuntu studio edition. Have a serious look at bodhi i think you'll like it.
I'm certainly gonna give the new mint a go in fact i stuck it on Vbox last weekend to see what its like, I'll hang on until its official (when is the release date?) and then I'll switch over.
From one linux lover to another ( no homo ).
+Mike Thomas delighted to hear you're having a look into bodhi, its just gorgeous and damn cool too. You got me stumped on the multi-boot usb :-) next on my list of to do's though. Just out of curiosity, are you addicted to everything linux? I just cant get enough of it, every fricking day I'm checking distro-watch for new releases, crazy.
I know the feeling, but it changed when using arch. Now I'm addicted to "packer -Syu", just to see the new releases of all programs.
+Sander Deryckere the windows in the overview look like that because Pinguy uses "Native Window Placement" extension.
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