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This was a truly fabulous moment when three continents united through #googlehangout to witness my brother's wedding in Australia. For us it was 3 am, for them it was 5 pm, and for my dad it was 9 am...but none of that mattered when we all got together to see my bro marry the love of his life. Thanks +Tai Nguyen for making this possible, thanks +Google+ for the technology to do this. It was amazing.

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Absolutely love this theme for Go Launcher. Crisp, clean, looks very nice. I may actually stick with this one for a good while! :)

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If you liked the first one, you have to see this trailer.

If you could offer a newborn one piece of advice, what would it be?

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The Shipley Commercial that you'll be seeing during the Superbowl...

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Love this song - introducing it on Sunday. Thanks for the tip +Steve Kurtz

Having had my Atrix 2 for a little over a week now, I thought I would share my favorite top 10 apps for no other reason than to share - and perhaps get some feedback from other people on their top 10 in return...

- Dolphin Webbrowser
- Google Voice
- Youversion Bible
- Zedge
- Mint
- Droidzee
- GO Weather
- Juice Defender
- Google Sky Map
- Gmail

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We must make no mistake about it - doctrine matters a lot. Christianity falls apart at the seams without essential doctrines such as the salvation by grace through faith alone, the Trinity, the infallibility of the Scriptures, and the visible return of Christ. Christianity comes apart at the seams if you begin to mess with any of these. We can agreeably agree to disagree on a lot of issues, but not on any of the essentials. They are what define the essence of God and how he deals with mankind; they set Christianity apart from other religions. We cannot be soft or compromising when it comes to such essential matters of truth.

"Faith is not a conclusion you reach; it is a journey you live." - A.W. Tozer
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