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Workout Anywhere & Anytime Without Equipment or a Gym
Workout Anywhere & Anytime Without Equipment or a Gym


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A couple colleagues and I just started a Facebook Page that scours the web each day for the most interesting, informative and provocative Pilates news. In just 2 months our site is now the #!1 most active Pilates facebook page. Take a look and please "Like" us.
Pilates Buzz
Pilates Buzz
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According to a new study, watching your weight with such
tools as the Body Mass Index (BMI) is not as good a predictor of
mortality as maintaining muscle mass, especially for older adults.

This study was just published in the "American Journal of
Clinical Nutrition" which found that losing weight is not as
important as gaining strength when it comes to warding off frailty
and disease.

So ditch the scale and just do it! Get out there and do
strength training at least 3 times a week.
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Love Her Twice!
Men who have sex once or less per month have a 45% greater risk of developing heart disease than men who do it more! So says a study in the American Journal of Cardiology. Researchers conclude that sex may protect your cardiovascular system as well as clothed exercise! Who knew?!
To your health!
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Gross - But Great Protein Bars!

Get ready for insect protein bars! They are in development and for real good reasons! Ounce for ounce insects provide more protein than beef. And it’s better protein with more amino acids, 5x more magnesium and 3x more iron. And in blind taste tests people find powdered cricket tastes just like flour and even preferred wormballs over meatballs!
It’s estimated that 25 small companies are now selling or preparing to sell ground-cricket foods right now in the US. My suggestion? Eat it and just don’t look at the ingredients! If you’re ready to try, check out, or
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Avoid 3 Exercise Mistakes!

Here are three common mistakes beginners and experienced athletes make. Try to avoid them:

1. Buying sports nutrition products.
If your exercise routine is less than 60-90 minutes, you DON’T need them. The truth is that water and a banana are cheaper and just as good for you.

2. Overcompensating for burned calories.
Many people work out because they want to lose weight. Calories in, Calories out. The problem is that after a workout, we feel that we’ve earned the right to eat more. In many cases, people consume not just more calories but also lower quality ones. Don’t be that person.

3. Under-hydrating.
It’s hard for people to gauge how much water their body needs just by serving their thirst. Even experienced runners fail to replenish their water loss by up to 70%! So drink more water than you think you should! Here’s what the pros do: weigh yourself before and after exercise - each pound is equivalent to 2 cups of water.
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Exercisers Overestimate!
It’s more than likely that you aren’t exercising as hard as you think!
A new Canadian study tested 129 volunteers, ages 18 to 64,
and found that only 25% of them hit what they considered a ‘moderate’ level of exertion (65% of their maximum heart rate - you should be able to talk but not sing). Fewer still reached what they considered a 'vigorous' level of exercise (77-90% of maximum heart rate where you can only say a few words at most).
Here's how to find your target heart rate and why it is so important:
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Fascinating! The US is now the home of the world's largest
population of 100+ year-olds! As of the last census (2010) the
number is 53,300 and growing - 66% increase since 1980 when the
overall population increased 36%! And it's a relatively healthy
bunch, taking cruises and volunteering in their communities.

"Experts on aging know that centenarians are most likely to be
female and white, residents of the West or South, and living on
their own or with family members, NOT in nursing care.' (all caps

And one of the major factors common to the 100+ crowd?
Regular exercise!

Let's do it together!
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Here's a new approach to exercise in which you workout strenuously
followed by easy workouts. So if you workout 3 days a week, make one
of those days intense and the other 2 easy to moderate such as light jogging or stretching exercises.

In a new study out of Spain, runners who trained in this manner
improved their performance by 5%. The reason seems to be that the
intense workout stimulates more recovery processes in the body and
the light workouts seem to support more complete recovery.
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More good news on pain relief! And it's delicious!

Cherries reduce pain! They block inflammation and inhibit pain
enzymes, just like aspirin, naproxen, and other nonsteroidal
anti-inflammatories according to Muraleedharan Nair, PhD and
natural products chemist at Michigan State University's College of
Agricultural and Natural Resources.

One study in the Journal of Nutrition showed that people who ate a
bowl of cherries for breakfast reduced a major marker of inflammation
by 25%.

Other researchers found less muscle pain in runners who drank 12
ounces of tart cherry juice twice daily for 7 days before a distance

Here's my favorite cherry juice recipe:
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Earlier this year I reported on fascinating research showing
that aerobic exercise including brisk walking actually increases
the size of a part of the brain know as the hippocampus where
memories are formed and stored.

Other kinds of exercise such as strength training and stretching did
not effect brain activity.

The latest study reported in the "British Journal of Sports
Medicine" confirms this earlier finding especially among the aging
population. It's important to note that all participants achieved
this astounding result by merely brisk walking 2 times a week for
six months working up to 70 to 80% of their Target Heart Rate. This
result is on top of heart, lung and circulation benefits already
well documented.

Walk On!!!
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