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Alsace:wines are "The Coco Chanel of the wine world" ..and .... apart from smelling them.... you can drink them! 
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At Alsace: Hugel vineyard Schoelhammer
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Articles on photograph of light as a wave and a particle : Well it's not really a photograph. It is a visualization. It is quite something, but it's not what the media would have you believe. Photons have this ability to knock electrons around in some materials. I actually posted about Plasmons here . Knowing how plasmons work, scientists have used a nanowire (5.7 μm length, ≃67 nm radius) to act as a light source by using an incident laser beam and then used electrons to visualize a standing wave. This kind of explains the wave nature of light. On the other hand, as the electrons pass close to the standing wave of light, they "hit" the light's particles, the photons. As mentioned above, this affects their speed, making them move faster or slower. This change in speed appears as an exchange of energy "packets" (quanta) between electrons and photons. The very occurrence of these energy packets shows that the light on the nanowire behaves as a particle.

The twist : When UV light hits a metal surface, it causes an emission of electrons. Albert Einstein explained this "photoelectric" effect by proposing that light – thought to only be a wave – is also a stream of particles. Even though a variety of experiments have successfully observed both the particle- and wave-like behaviors of light, they have never been able to observe both at the same time. A research team led by Fabrizio Carbone at EPFL has now carried out an experiment with a clever twist: using electrons to image light. The researchers have captured, for the first time ever, a single snapshot of light behaving simultaneously as both a wave and a stream of particles.

Plasmons? : A plasmon is a collective excitation of the electronic "fluid" in a piece of conducting material, like ripples on the surface of a pond are a collective mode of the water molecules of the liquid.

Is this new? : Not really. There have been other experiments in 2012 which have confirmed the duality of light.

Sources and References

Link to original research paper:

Earlier duality experiment:

Earlier post on plasmons:

Pic courtesy: Popsci and original research papers.

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Interview with Etienne Hugel....
Riesling and more 
Kevin is joined by Etienne Hugel from Hugel & Fils wine, who produce some of the best Rieslings in the world.
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Roger Penrose, of the University of Oxford, and Stuart Hameroff, of the University of Arizona, proposed that consciousness follows the same rules as quantum computing, where the mind-boggling phenomena observed in the quantum realm are used to perform tremendously complex calculations in no time – literally.
While hard evidence is still lacking, scientists have proposed that consciousness arises from quantum mechanical brain activity.
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An interview for Rezgo touring software with me: Pieter Smits from JSwinetours.: How did you end up near Alsace? After a long time of working in publishing and informatics in the Netherlands I wanted something different.  ...
We will take you there #jolisoleil
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La Moyenne-Alsace est occupée par le nivellement par le bas. Toute ? Non, tel un îlot au milieu d'un Océan, Jean-Paul Schmitt taille des vins à la belle minéralité sur les granites autour de Scherw...
Etienne Hugel is to announce the release of a new Riesling that is named after a specific grand cru vineyard site - marking a first for his eponymous Alsace domaine.
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Alsace: Grand Cru Schlossberg

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Guide Pieter Smits

JoliSoleil / JSwinetours lets vacation houses and organizes tours and wine tastings in the Alsace, Burgundy and Tuscany. We also do tastings

JoliSoleil - JSwinetours in Alsace, Burgundy & Tuscany

JSwinetours - Alsace, Burgundy & Tuscany offers lovely one and more day tours.

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Millésimes Alsace : le Salon Professionnel des Grands Vins d'Alsace. Le salon professionnel Millésimes Alsace, qui a lieu tous les deux ans

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