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Registration, check
See first show, check!

Finally #Netflix in Belgium. Thank you +Netflix

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What does one have to do to get to work without being stuck in a #trafficjam? #publictransportation? 

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The guy has some very good points. 

Me like this new #google+

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Would be nice if it would work on a Nexus5 4g coverage but nooo.
#bancontact app.

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Lol what did you expect. Let's all keep using this pile of sh*t. Unbelievable that IE is still the preferred browser in most companies just to give them more "security" control. When will we finally learn? 
#ie #sarcasm 

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Massive Security Bug In OpenSSL Could Affect A Huge Chunk Of The Internet

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Hey girls,

Just a little reminder not to forget your man.
He deserves it after all the hard work and dedication.

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How cool is that. It could mean an answer for tablets that are in standby mode most of the time.

Nokia developing phone that recharges itself without mains electricity

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True and true. Briljant :-P 
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