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Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET)
Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET)

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In honor of the students of batch 2kx3 Electrical, the first batch of PIET who will IN SHA ALLAH pass out in this May, an Award Ceremony was arranged in PIET. The ceremony started with the recitation of verses of the Holy-Quran. Chief Guest, Engr. Imtiaz Hussain Shah graced the event with his kind presence and Chief Engr(r) MEPCO Khawaja Sohail graced the event as guest of honor. Faculty, Staff and Students from all the departments participated to share the joy with their beloved session.Shields were awarded to the students of 2kx3 to recognize their achievements in academia and extracurricular activities. Palwasha Aslam, Salman Chishti, Arqam Nawaz Babar, Syed Hammad Ahmad Hashmi and Sharjeel Imtiaz due to their remarkable academic record got ‘Academic Excellence Award’. Adnan Habiband Abdullah Khan were given ‘Sports and Academic Excellence Award’. ‘Best Sportsman Excellence Award’ was awarded to Zeeshan Butt.
After the distribution of awards, an interactive Question/Answer session with guests was arranged for students to extend their horizons and answer all their concerns. The Chief Guest, Engr. Imtiaz Hussain Shah provided a very good counseling to students in his address. Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Technology is extremely grateful to Engr. Imtiaz Hussain Shah for giving us his precious time and providing tips for students related to their personal and professional grooming.
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“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.”
This quote is truly acknowledged by Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Technology and for this reason; great importance is put on providing its students immense opportunities to groom their personal attributes.
On January 23, 2017 PIET’s playground was filled with great zeal, enthusiasm and frolicsome ambiance as the opening ceremony of Sports Gala took place. The ceremony started with the recitation of Surah Inshirah. After that, each of the team entered the pavilion vehemently. All the students were extremely zealous and excited for all the games. The students displayed a wide array of fascinating appurtenances which made the ceremony even more thrilling. They mesmerized the audience with their energetic performances.
Afterwards, Engr. Nisar Ahmed Shakoor (Director PIET) welcomed the esteemed gathering and emphasized on the significance of sports in one’s life. In his address, he also appreciated the organizing team of event and all the efforts of students and teachers. After national anthem, pre-opening excitement was on peak as the first match was a cricket match between the team of faculty members and students. The sport week 2017 turned out to be a great success!
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Training Sessions

Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Technology organized one month training sessions for students. Theme of the training sessions was to familiarize the students with the advance technologies in the field of computer science and electrical engineering.
Engr. Muhammad Tayyab who is a PhD scholar in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) served as faculty chair of the training sessions.
Training sessions developed practical insights and recommendations for professional action among the students. Moreover, the sessions given by the PhD scholar have received extremely high rating from students. Below is the list of topics covered during the training sessions:
• Internet of Things (IoT)
• Wireless Sensors Network (WSN)
• System on Chip (SoC)
• Machine Learning
• Big Data
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PIET administration is highly grateful to the Chairman PEC Engr Jawed Salim Qureshi, Vice Chancellor NED university Karachi Dr. Muhammad Afzal Haque, Dr. Jameel Ahmed Dean Riphah International University Islamabad and member PEC governing body, Engr Abdul Ghaffar Tahir Director general HR Atomic Energy Commission Islamabad, Engr Khawaja Riffat Director NTDC Lahore, Engr. Imtiaz Husaain Shah, Mudassar Kamran Registrar University of Sargodha, Dr Safdar Iqbal Hasmi President Alkhidmat Foundation Multan for taking out their precious time and attending eve of PIET.
PIET Admin
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On November 2, 2016 PIET organized new students’ orientation for the session (2016-2020). All the freshmen came prepared and were excited to mount on the journey of their experience in PIET. It was a highly encouraging program for students as they learned about the institutions’ resources and procedures. The program was arranged to assist and equip the students for the development in college life as well as to prepare them for scholarly, enthusiastic and academic liabilities that lie fore. Engr. Omer Mushtaq (Head of CS&IT Department) formally welcomed all the future luminaries of the institute and the event was commenced by the recitation of the Holy-Quran. Later on, to end up the curiosity of students an overall college’s success video was shown. After that, videos pertinent to each of the department were displayed and the purpose was to boost up the confidence of students as with the help of those videos, students received an overwhelming amount of information related to their fields. Afterwards, Engr. Nisar Ahmed Shakoor (Director, PIET) encouraged students to excel in their fields. Information regarding all the administrative staff and faculty members was given to students by him. He ensured students to be with them in every step they take for improving their personalities and for the development of institution. Students were infused with a sense of achievement and responsibility through the kind and motivational words of the director of PIET. In the end, he wished students all the very best for a transformative journey in the institution and asked them to collect orientation envelopes from their respective coordinators.
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'It is neither their blood nor their meat that reaches Allah. But it is piety from you that reaches Him.'
PIET Administration wishes a happy and blessed Eid for all. May the divine blessings of Allah bring you hope, faith and joy on Eid-ul-Azha and forever. May Allah' s rehmat shine on us and help us discover new opportunities for growth and success. HAPPY EID-UL-AZHA
PIET Administration

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Admission Fall 2016
Apply Now
BSs Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering
BSc Computer Science and Information Technology
BS Business Administration
BS Mathematics

Contact Numbers: 03006338395, 03000202033, 03006386194

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Freedom in the Mind, Faith in the words, Pride in our souls
Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Technology celebrated Independence cum Defence Day with patriotic passion and enthusiasm. The auspicious ceremony started with the recitation of the Holy Quran and after this all participated in National Anthem to commemorate the sovereignty of the nation. Speech & National Song competitions were conducted in which the students from all departments participated with full zeal & zest. The students in their inspiring speeches recollected the sacrifices of all martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the cause of Pakistan. The students paid tribute to the soldiers of September 06, 1965 by singing national song “Aay rahe-haq kay shaheedo, wafa ke tasveero, tmhain watan ke hawain salam kehte hain’. The winners of the competitions were awarded with the trophies by Engr. Nisar Ahmed Shakoor (Director PIET), Dr. Afzaal Ahmed, (HOD Mechanical Department) & Mr. Abdul Shakoor (Deputy Director Administration). Towards the end, Engr.Nisar Ahmed Shakoor, Director PIET advised the students to enlighten their minds with the glorious history of Pakistan which is full of inspiring and thought-provoking sayings of Quid-e-Azam and Allama Muhammad Iqbal. ‘The nations truly become successful if they remember their past and put efforts to pave the way for future by working with patriotic passion in their present’. This was the message given by Director PIET that our youth is really assets of Pakistan and he advised the students to bring change in tangible terms. He also praised the efforts of the Organizers for arranging such a memorable event at PIET. The ceremony ended with the prayers for prosperity of Pakistan.
Indeed, it was a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country and make it a better place for Pakistanis to live and experience the freedom, peace and unity in diversity. Pakistan Zindabad!
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