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Pierre-Yves Vandenbussche

Hi, doing a review of tools around LD, can you list which open tool are you using to generate an HTML documentation for your vocabulary?

Hi all,

Google+ will soon be discontinued.
Do you have any suggestion of a platform where our community can continue its discussion?

Annoucement: LOV Migration

Hi LOV community,

We would like to thank OKFN +Rufus Pollock for hosting the Linked Open Vocabularies project since July 2012. We knew it was a temporary solution and OKFN admins +Paul Walsh, have always been there to help us in keeping the application up and running. Thank you the Open Knowledge Foundation!

As of today the Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV) will be hosted permanently by the Ontology Engineering Group at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. +María Poveda Villalón +Asuncion Gomez Perez +Oscar Corcho Raul Alcaraz. Thank you for providing LOV a new home! The URL is now: (redirection from are in place).

Important for Developers/Users:
Some necessary changes have been made, here is a list:
- SPARQL Endpoint URL:
- LOV graph URI is now (it was before)
- LOV vocabularies URIs: URI have all changed from to

We are sorry for those changes that were necessary. Let us know if there is any problem with the migration. May we all have everlasting LOV!

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Knowledge Graph Features and Explanation.

In this post, I present a family of knowledge graph completion models known as graph-based feature models with intrinsic mean for prediction explanation. Graph-based feature models provide interpretable predictions through the observable features they use (sub-graphs, connecting paths, neighborhood information, etc.)
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We are very proud to be the recipients of the Semantic Web Journal Outstanding Paper Award 2017 for our work on Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV). Well done to our team +Bernard Vatant +Ghislain ATEMEZING +María Poveda Villalón for our dedication for the last 6 years.

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In this post I present Translating Embeddings (TransE), a method for the prediction of missing relationships in knowledge graphs.
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Publish and link your vocabularies in LOV. Reuse Linked Open Vocabularies

A blog post published by the AIMS Team
from FAO of the United Nations in Italy

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Come hear about the Linked Open Vocabularies at #ISWC2016
You can alternatively find the slide deck of my presentation here:

+Frédéric Giasson +Bruce D'Arcus domain has expired on the  04/14/2016. Could you please check if you did not forget to renew it? Thanks +Makx Dekkers for spotting this!

LOV is now accessible through HTTPS (including the APIs). 

Tools such as YASGUI (+Laurens Rietveld) can now run in HTTPS and query LOV.
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