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Pierre-Olivier Dybman

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"The past couple of years have seen a surge in conservatives demanding special rights to disobey universally applicable federal laws on the grounds that they simply don't believe in them…"
From Hobby Lobby to the Nevada rancher, members of the far right share a dangerous, anarchic pathology
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Pierre-Olivier Dybman

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For several years now, mobile device manufacturers have been in a race to push the pixel density of mobile devices higher and higher. The race began with the iPhone 4 “Retina” display – an at the time impressive 330 pixels per inch (PPI) 960x480 3.5” display.

sigh  No, it did not.

Android started it on modern smart phones, with the original Droid that was 240dpi, and the platform itself introduced the robust multi-density support we have today a bit before that in 1.6, including full support for retina class and the ever increasing densities we see today.

But you know what?  It doesn't make sense to say that Android started this, either.  In fact Android from the start had core support for multiple display densities (through the dp units and such), but this happened because of previous experience at PalmSource where Palm devices had already experienced increases in display density, going from the original ~80dpi screen to high resolution 160dpi screens, and then trying to deal with 120dpi screens to be able to use then pervasive 240x320 panels.

The troubles of that last step -- trying to implement 1.5x scaling on a system where apps are using absolute layout of UI elements in pixel coordinates and the resulting strange rounding artifacts -- is a major element of what drove Android's original design.  To be able to do non-integral scalings well, Android relies on layout managers to do final placement of UI elements, which run at the native screen resolution.  The use of layout managers not only makes it a lot easier for applications to adjust to different screen sizes, but also allows scaling screen density by non-integral amounts without causing odd spacing between interface elements or having to use sub-pixel positioning of all elements and the resulting anti-aliasing artifacts.
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Un PC portable 4K chez Toshiba pour moins de 1500 dollars
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Ce portable possède de nombreux arguments pour séduire. Tout d’abord le Toshiba Satellite P55T est l’un des premiers PC transportables à afficher une définition native de 3840 x 2160 pixels sur son écran de 15,6 pouces. C’est mieux que les écrans Retina des MacBook Pro par exemple, qui affichent une définition de 2560 x 1600 Lire la suite
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Future intel will come from "direct contact" between the police and Muslim communities
The New York Police Department has disbanded a division that conducted extensive covert surveillance on the city's Muslim communities. The Demographics Unit infiltrated mosques, restaurants, and...
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Pierre-Olivier Dybman

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Ce qui arrive quand on cible seulement 15% du marché
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Breaking news
One of the first mainstream brands to make wearable fitness electronics is getting out of the game. Nike confirmed to CNET this afternoon that the company is laying off people in its hardware...
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Dommage ..
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Read this to understand what happened yesterday with that anti-Semitic flyer that told Jews they had to register with the Ukrainian government
A group of masked men issued a chilling warning to Jews living in eastern Ukraine this week: register with the government, or face deportation. According to reports from local and Israeli media,...
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They told us the first cyborgs would be soldiers. Instead, they're dancers. Maybe humanity isn't doomed after all.
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The internet has truly made the world grow a whole lot smaller. Take 23 year old Gemini Smith for instance, where she managed to raise the £4,450...
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Pierre-Olivier Dybman

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Outrageous misjustice, pleading guilty for economic reasons, told they'd get leniency, cops without searcj warrants, evidence that disappears, ...
In Missouri, if you kill someone while driving drunk, you could go to prison for -- at most -- 15 years. That's what Natalie and David DePriest are serving -- for growing marijuana. Police found 12 mature plants and eight sprouts in their condo, a...
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Sidereo, expertise et créativité mobile
Fondateur de Frandroid et de Sidereo

Spécialisé dans les Systèmes Embarqués, je m'intéresse de près aux "SE" grands publics tels que les téléphones intelligents et les boxs TV et domotiques.
  • Ecole Centrale d'Electronique
    Systèmes Embarqués, 2004 - 2009
  • Université de Moncton
    Génie logiciel, 2009
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Je conçois qu'il s'agit d'un camping et que quand on vient en tente ou en caravane, on doit tout amener. Mais quand le dit camping se met à la location de chalet, ça doit être de la vraie location et donc inclure les draps (pourquoi fournir les couverture mais pas les draps ??). Les draps sont facturés 10 EUR chacun par nuit et il ne s'agit pas de vrais draps mais de draps jetables en plastiques. Le ménage est facturé 35 EUR si la vaisselle n'est pas rangée dans le placard. Quand on fait savoir que la vaisselle n'est pas sèche et qu'il n'y a rien pour essuyer, on nous répond sèchement qu'il fallait acheter un torchon auprès de la réception. Je ne sais pas ce que le camping vaut en termes de camping, mais au niveau location, c'est la totale arnaque.
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Super bon
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reviewed 7 months ago
J'ai pris le magret de canard, dont seul la moitié m'a été servi. C'était trop cuit et la viande était sans goût.
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago
Seule place de Bâton Rouge ouverte le dimanche. Agréable, bon service, bons prix.
Food: GoodDecor: GoodService: Very good
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21 reviews
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Très belle auberge, très agréable. Aussi un très bon bar vraiment réputé pour l'ambiance. Dans le staff, une seule personne est désagréable, c'est dommage.
Quality: Very goodFacilities: Very goodService: Good
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Très bon bistro, belle carte, bon service, bons prix, rien à redire.
Food: GoodDecor: Very goodService: Very good
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reviewed a year ago