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The 19h20 project by  #IngressEnlightenedParis

We are many Enlightened agents in Paris (France) but it's very hard to organize big operations at the same time because of each own schedule.
We've made several L8 portals but it's usually limited to high levels (L7+).

So 2 weeks ago, we started to brainstorm what kind of operation can be organized so that every level from 1 to 8 could participate... and thus was born "Le Projet 19h20" (in French) or "The 7:20pm Project" (translated in English)".

As I am a photographer, the idea was inspired by an event in which I participated called "The 18:18 Project" where everybody took a picture
at the same time wherever he was :

I wanted to adapt the idea to Ingress ie. every agent should play Ingress at the exact same day (Tuesday 19th, Marth) and at the same time (19h20) and take a screenshot of his smartphone. It was very simple : everybody could and should participate to Ingress with all ways :
- being outside hacking, linking, upgrading portals
- being outside attacking a blue portal
- being outside running against some XM
... BUT ALSO ...
- being at home or at work if they had a key so they can remote recharge a portal

We had 64 agents registered to the Community event and finaly 48 agents really participated at 19h20 ! We never had so many agents at the same time to an event ! So it was a huge success : in the picture below, you can see 45 screenshots (3 agents could not login to Ingress) of our Enlightened Agents : Ingress can be played in differents ways !

It was very fun to organize but also stressful and required a big coordination : every agent had 60 seconds to make an action and take the screenshot but we did it !

As you can see : we are very motivated in Paris. We are a team and we try to involve every agents : low and high levels.

We think BIG and we have even BIGGER projects but we need more invites to make other crazy projects with many many agents.

 +Joe Philley +Anne Beuttenmüller   +Brian Rose  : could you send us some #ingressinvites  so we can achieve in Paris our secret projects and spread the Light ?

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