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Anyone interested in a release engineer position?

The Linux Foundation is currently looking for a talented individual to join our IT team supporting a (yet unannounced) incoming project that will develop software for networking and virtualization (alongside, but not quite the same as OPNFV and OpenDaylight). Core responsibilities:

- Gerrit
- Jenkins/Nexus/SonarQube/etc
- OpenStack for CI builders
- Strong networking skills (vlans, firewalls, routing, tcp)
- Puppet

We can hire anywhere in US, Canada or Australia, starting ASAP. This is a full-time remote worker position with a full bouquet of benefits.

Please send your resume to if that's something you're interested in, or please reshare with someone who you think will be a great fit.


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At the end of the commute this evening !
6000 km ! In less than a year

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The results from the "General Resolution: init system coupling" have been published. The winning option was the Amendment Text C:
"The Debian project asks its members to be considerate when proposing General Resolutions, as the GR process may be disruptive regardless of the outcome of the vote. Regarding the subject of this ballot, the Project affirms that the procedures for decision making and conflict resolution are working adequately and thus a General Resolution is not required."

Hi Commuters,
I had One Question for Commuters with Glasses.
How the hell do see a thing when it's raining (and it's dark) ???
Days are shorter and rain begins to be more frequent.
It's a major problem for visibility, in my opinion.
have you any solution ?

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Hi Community,
I'm trying to find a jacket for the, soon to come, rainy days.
I've found this :
that seems OK, but if you any other options, you're welcome.
Thank's !
(For Commute a 45 minute commute and week long touring)

FaceBook est Down ! Vive GooglePlus !

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