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Felt Hantastistkt!

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Having a blast watching Dream Leauge Dota 2 games via - after having laughed, cried and almost vomited over how awkward and embarassing swedens attempt to cover pro esport was.

If you're gonna use the exact same visuals, studio layout and even jokes, at least make sure they work in their new native form. Us swedes know by default you can't directly translate english into swedish, it just becomes weird. So weird we even made a term for it: #swenglish  

So I'm writing this post using the new web app, aptly named "Web" in #gnome310  ( #ubuntu1310 ) and I must say I'm quite impressed with it's strength spite being so light. 

Obviously I couldn't bare the default shell theme nor the default window theme for my fresh gnome 3.10 so I had to get the #Zukitwo  theme by lassekongo83 (

Ironic, seeing as I've already flamed gnome 3.10 for being a ripoff of an old iOS. 

"Sadly" the full devotion to gnome 3.10 broke my Unity beyond repair I think. Or I'll just go with that seeing as I have no want, need or intention to sift through the wreckage to see if I can get it to work again. Never cared much for Unity and still don't, regardless how apple fanboi gnome has become. 

I haven't been around on G+ since dawn of man. Much have changed, but it's still empty. :/

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Can't believe I haven't +'d this until now. :S
Ah well rather late than never. :)

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#touchscreen #pad #apps #smartphone
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