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Update to Skip Redirect on smartphone SERPs

A sweet little update to end the week with:

We've updated how Skip Redirect works to also use the rel-alternate-media annotations we recommend in our guidelines:

In this case, even if the desktop page doesn't automatically redirect to the smartphone page, if we discover valid annotations linking the desktop and smartphone pages, our algorithms may still change the link target shown in the search results to point directly to the smartphone page. I know many webmasters asked me about this exact thing, and now you can be happy.

Edit (because I got asked about this): Skip redirect changed only the URL in the HTML, i.e., the click URL, and didn't change the URL that was displayed. The rel-alternate-media annotations change both, i.e. we display and link directly to the smartphone URL.

And if you need a refresher: Skip Redirect is when we change the link target we show in smartphone SERPs if we know the URL we're showing redirects smartphone users to a different smartphone-optimized page. More about this from December 2011:
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Great news for websites that rely on javascript to accomplish their mobile redirects. Thanks +Pierre Far 
Hopefully this will will wake up the “old possum" update to propagate further...its been pretty limited in practice since the end of 2011. +Bryson Meunier 
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