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Smartphone crawl errors in Webmaster Tools

I'm very excited to see this go live today: we've expanded the crawl errors feature in Webmaster Tools to highlight any smartphone-specific errors we've identified. These crawl errors are a major category of the common mistakes we see in smartphone-optimized sites. They hurt your site's user experience and can affect your site's ranking. Now Webmaster Tools helps you identify the problematic pages so you can fix things faster.

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This is a great development +Pierre Far. I'd venture to add that the stick that comes with this carrot is that the grace period between detection and lower ranking is also going down. So folks should address these ASAP. 
Ok, but as I posted in Webmaster Central, I'm showing errors for URLs I deliberately blocked (not just for smartphones, not separately, but in the single robots.txt file for the site) so what's up with that?
+Meg Geddes As the post says, these blocks are typically inadvertent for various reasons and we surface them to help webmasters in those situations. From experience, many webmasters have not re-assessed their robots.txt directives in a while and this feature serves as a good reminder for the majority of our users. If you're blocking Googlebot intentionally, then I wouldn't worry about it.
There is the "Mark as Fixed" button. Is that not sufficient for your needs? If not, please explain more.
No, of course it's not sufficient, because the "errors" will just keep coming back; just like the 404s that never die.  And because of that kind of reporting, it's really easy to miss a real problems when it comes up.

What I was talking about (and it's actually true of almost every Google product, from GWT to AdSense to AdWords to Analytics to Merchant Center - I'm in a lot of Google products, as you can see) is that frequently you get notices or "error" messages for things that you may have done on purpose  I realize Google has to assume that not everyone knows what they're doing, maybe even most people don't - but for those of us who do, let us just dismiss the notice or error and not see it again because it's just reporting on something we intentionally caused to happen.   

But in THIS case, from my reading of the blog post, GWT is actually erroneously reporting crawl errors for smartphones.  Because the explanation given doesn't match the reality.
+Meg Geddes
True. I really wish google somehow would differentiate between the average user, and those of us who actually know a thing or two about these things. I've personally seen this in many G. products, and with my 20+ years in IT and programming, sometimes I feel that it's actually disrespectful to put everyone in the same boat. I'm just saying.
Hi, I tried 301 the smart phone 404 and nothing happened, I have updated my robots txt, will these errors be cleared or do I need to do more? if so what? finding information is proving difficult

Thanks for any help
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