Cool new research by three Googlers about tablet usage:

 Our research provides an in-depth picture of frequent tablet activities (e.g., checking emails, playing games, social networking), locations of use (e.g., couch, bed, table), and contextual factors (e.g., watching TV, eating, cooking).

Popular activities for tablet use, such as media consumption, shopping, cooking, and productivity are also explored.

It makes a lot of sensible points despite the relatively small sample size.

I'm most fascinated with the Context of Tablet Use section, especially how many times tablets were used in bed :)

What I wish they called out explicitly is the type of data connection (wifi or mobile or none) their study participants were using. Given that most of the use was at home, it's reasonable to guess wifi was the most popular connection, but what about on the move? Were the devices connected or where they offline?
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