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This is a great thread on HN:

A site got hacked and the webmaster uploaded the full code from the hack:

The thread is great for two reasons:

1. Everyone is helping decipher what the files and code actually do.

2. I wish more sites would do this. Many people find it hard to talk about their sites getting hacked, but if more people share what happened, how they discovered and fix the security hole, and shared what the exploit did, we'd all learn more from it.

And yes, one of my sites was hacked many years ago. I hadn't kept up with my Wordpress updates and one day my RSS feed was selling viagra.
Rather than trying to undo the damage (will you ever be 100% sure you caught everything?) why not create a new site and import your data fresh. If I was hacked and files were placed on my server, including a 'web shell' I would be very afraid I don't catch everything and it just gets re-hacked.
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Nice reminder for the pending site updates i was too lazy to do :D
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