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Very excited to share this with the world: If you have business website, whether it's a national chain or a local business, we're announcing support for structured data markup to help us surface the correct business info in Google search.

What kind of info? A selection:
- Customer service (and other) phone numbers
- Business opening hours, locations
- Restaurant menus (yummy)

This info tends to be on what's called a "location page" like a store locator for a chain or the contact us page for a small business. To help you build the best user- and search-friendly location pages, we're also publishing detailed guidelines along with our code examples:

And for corporate phone numbers:

We have a nice overview on the Webmaster Central blog:
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Maybe having an example for structured markup using may be nice beside Json-ld for de help article. 
Tx, Pierre. Btw. How do you like this gig?
How would Menus would look like on Google results?
+Pierre Far I'd like to see a big push to a proposal to schema org for entity type e-commerce. It will NOT fit under store specs because it's parent entity is "LocalBusiness" and that doesn't fit well with most who buy Google adwords for their e-commerce website.
+Pierre Far Thank you for the excellent advices. We will optimize the places pages of our clients. But one question: those places pages are done years ago. When G+ startet we told everybody to publish a G+ business page. Now they have 2 pages for 1 purpuse: to be found... That means duplicate work ending in duplicate content. How to merge those pages? 
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