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We’re doing another Google Webmaster Central hangout this Thursday.

When: Thursday 3 November 2011 at 10:30am UK time. See the time where you are here:

Add it to your Google Calendar: This link will create an event in your Google Calendar so you don't forget :)

Where: A hangout here on Google+. You can find out more about Hangouts and how to participate at

What about? Anything webmaster related like crawling, indexing, sitemaps, duplicate content, Webmaster Tools, pagination, etc etc.

Language: English only please.

Please join us! Hope to see many of you soon!
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Me too, pls. make it another time or make it on friday
I am a Google Enthusiast but new to the calendar, was wondering if you could tell me how you made that link to your event? Thank you..
Ah, I am traveling, too bad can't make it.
I didn't make it in either :). We can't extend the 10 people limit, but feel free to submit feedback on that for Google+ in general. You might want to post something in Pierre's post so that he's aware of people waiting, often people will move on after half an hour so you can check in then.
+John Mueller one idea would be letting people chat and see the output video stream from outside. so that they can listen and ask basic questions while they wait to enter the room (the limit to ten simultaneous interactive people it's also a human limit i think)
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