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At Google I/O earlier this week, +Ilya Grigorik and I talked about how to implement HTTPS on all your sites. We covered a ton of topics like why you need HTTPS, how to deploy it correctly that doesn't impact website performance (we talked about HSTS, session resumption, SPDY, and more), and how to make sure your secure sites get indexed correctly (lots of indexing signals!). Check it out:

Google I/O 2014 - HTTPS Everywhere

We referenced some docs and tools. Here they are to dig into: (The answer is a resounding "yes")

and, of course,
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Getting the Internet on HTTPS, I like this. The more people that understand SSL technologies, the more adoption will increase. Thanks +Pierre Far, very informative.
And https with secure ciphers please. I've disabled rc4 and YouTube does not work anymore with https because crossdomain.xml is loaded from servers that only supports rc4.
+Stefan Le Breton what browser are you using? Also, can you share your debug info from the video? (Right click, get debug info > pastie). 
Too bad it's so complicated to implement HTTPS with the Google Pagespeed Service (which I love).
+ccarsona2 . how so? All I had to do is upload my certificate and the rest was handled for me.
+ccarsona2 . Have to agree with Ilya Grigorik, Pagespeed handles HTTPS like a dream. Try flushing the cache.
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