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Do this search. Seriously.

OK Google.
Up up down down left right left right

:D :D
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Psychology lesson here is to remind people of what you're giving them, even things they already have!
I call BS. There is a limit. Ever had your IP banned?
Cheap mode unlocked!weee
Tried it on my laptop.......
gave me wiki links, etc....
Sorry - I don't get it.
It's a mortal kombat fatality lol
Greg A
Didn't work for me, I must already be cheating
+Pierre Far try in it the play games app, swipe up up down down left right left right b a start
YO Rio
Cheat code for contra on Nintendo
Sweetness. Its awesome. I love all the cool geek sense easter eggs Google puts in things
Isn't that the cheat code to contra lol
Hey Michael, the faithful will be tested
+Graham Reid whoops, might have reported that as SPAM swing as it has no relation to this post. Lol
For contra add b a start, 2 player b a select start
A, B, A, B, select then start duh
Up up down down left right left right a b select start. 30 men on contra
Cheat mode unlocked , unlimited Google searches for life! Just like the sonic code.
Up up down down left right left right B A START!!!!!!!

Also try...
Ok Google
What does the fox say?
It's look like nice to view :p
BABA select start dont forget hahah
Couldn't get it working. It didn't understand me! 
" Where did you learn to fly"
Y, down, Y, down, down, Y :)
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