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Dear webmasters,

Many sites don't give smartphone users the same great experience as desktop users. That's not good for anyone involved in the mobile web: the users, the webmasters, and Google searchers on smartphones.

Let's fix that.

We've published a list of common mistakes here:

And today we've announced some upcoming ranking changes for smartphone search results:

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Do you know of a tool which may evaluate mobile themes? I use a Wordpress plugin to create my mobile site, but there are several plugins out there. I have been meaning to review my mobile site for a while, maybe time to have a look at improving it.
+Jon Wade many of these issues are immediately visible if you use a smartphone to try to access a sample site. I'm sure someone will create a tool to check (that someone might be someone reading along here :)), but until then, I'd just check these things by looking at a sample site.
Hmmm. I can look at my site / sample site, but I cannot do anything beyond looking at the screen.

Actually ...... I have a feeling that provides some mobile speed tests now..... yep, they have Nexus 3 Android 2.3 in Dulles, VA. I can use that to test the various mobile plugins.
These are clear guidelines, very useful. Will anyone be participating directly with the community as we go forward with implementation?
in many instances you have limited access to  a clients desktop site - in the instance where you cannot add an adaptive mobile layer but have to use a standalone mobile optimized site would there be any issue having a page that handles pointing mobile users to the final destination?

For example if mobile visitor comes in from the handler page checks the referrer and then redirects them to  

thanks in advance for your time
Hi Pierre, my Webmaster Tools shows many crawling Errors, and pages not found (I mean like 70,000), which don't even exist. What do I do? Where do I write? Thank you.
Hi +Pierre Far Thank you for your quick reply. I Haven't been in the Google forum for a while, would you please paste the link here of the exact forum, I will post the details there and paste the link here. Thank you and much appreciated.
Hello +Pierre Far I am still working on it. But I just noticed some questionable domains linking to my sites in thousands. I am working on removing them, but have a question. Webmaster Tools shows that pages like this link to me, yet my site's link ( doesn't show there, unless you View Source. Example  or  I went ahead and disavowed the entire domain. Is that how should I do it? Thank you. This particular site has thousands of links targeting to my site, but those links don't even show on their pages unless you do View Source. Is that even legitimate? Thank you. 
Hi Pierre, I have got a question to this article "Changes in rankings of smartphone search results": it says that

"we plan to roll out several ranking changes in the near future that address sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users."

Does that mean that changes in ranking also appear for websites that are not optimised for mobile devices at all?  Or does that only mean that optimised sites will have changes in ranking if there are mistakes in the optimisation?

Thanks a lot,

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