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Hangout specifically to answer questions about rich snippets and the Google rich snippets guidelines.

Please add your questions here:

When? 1:30pm UK time this Friday 19 October 2012:

Where? A hangout on air here on Google+. It works best with a webcam and a headset. You can find out more about hangouts and how to participate at office hours | webmasterhelpforum

Please +1 this post if you're keen on coming, so that I can add you to the appropriate circle.

Feel free to drop by - we welcome webmasters of all levels! Thanks!
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Sounds great! I would attend for sure but it looks like it's starting at 530am PST. I wish it was a little later in the day for California.
Ana B
Hi Pierre,
Could I also get an invite please :-)?
Thank you in advance!
Greetings from Munich
Have you used the structured data testing tool to make sure everything is OK Sunny?
So are results from your site just not showing with any markup or are results just not showing?
I don't think it is instantaneous  Sunny. I know it took about 6 weeks before mine started showing so maybe google just needs to crawl everything first.
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