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Got questions about rel="canonical"? Want to know five very common mistakes we see? Of course you do and we have a new blog post just for you!

My "favorite" (if you can call it that) is Mistake 2: Absolute URLs mistakenly written as relative URLs. It's too easy to make if you're not thinking carefully about what you're typing, even if you're a very experienced web dev or SEO, and sometimes beginners find the subtlety involved hard.
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I have a question that isn't covered in the article. What if the rel="canonical" tag targets an URL that redirects to another URL? Will Google ignore the tag, or accept the URL resulting from the redirection? We're assuming the pages involved are actually duplicated.
Hi +Evan Hall. That's a more complex situation as now we're talking about at least 3 URLs, and potentially more, in a canonicalization "chain". The canonicalization signals are still considered as usual, i.e the rel="canonical" and the redirect are still taken into account.
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