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Panda update rolling out

Earlier this week, we started a slow rollout of an improved Panda algorithm, and we expect to have everything done sometime next week. 

Based on user (and webmaster!) feedback, we’ve been able to discover a few more signals to help Panda identify low-quality content more precisely. This results in a greater diversity of high-quality small- and medium-sized sites ranking higher, which is nice.

Depending on the locale, around 3-5% of queries are affected.
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+Pierre Far I'm pleased to hear that small/medium HQ sites will be treated more fairly.
Is this global update?
Im glad to hear about the sm/med sizes sites ranking higher as well.   
May we know the quality as what Google Panda look upon? thanks :)
Thanks for ur info. Does this new Panda affect global queries? or only in the U.S?
Any chance of confirming whether this would be considered a Panda 4.0 update like 4.1 or more of a 5.0 in scope?
Love the details on the upcoming update. May higher rankings be with you.
Looking forward to seeing the results in AU. I'm assuming this is a global rollout +Pierre Far ? 
As far has I've seen, with these effect small size industries are mostly effected. Big ones somehow finds their way to climb in Google SERP.
which niche is main target? or which country? or language?
Some movements for Directory based websites in the Australian market in the last week. Many were claiming HTTPS was the issue. It is evident that Panda refresh from my analysis. 
I can see that, my new website and a older blog are being weird this week. 
+Abdul Wahab Butt so far all of my reports are showing all types of industries not just one... here is a screenshot of UCLA's Traffic Loss starting on Sept 10 and continuing where I had seen a few sites go to the 15th however most bounced back however in the UCLA report I see that it just continues to lose traffic every day and did not bounce back..
we would like to know the quality that Panda 4.1 is asking, most especially to eCommerce websites..Thanks!
its much more than just e commerce... if you read the details... +Pierre Far points out 
we’ve been able to discover a few more signals to help Panda identify low-quality content more precisely

Here is my post on this and I found it to be Content lead gen as well ecommerce the same pattern as Machine learning Gets SMARTER.. 
how the website is used to sell online??
+William Rock thanks for the screenshot. they hit around 3-4% queries which could be in millions or even billions. Hope all good work will be safe.
+James Norquay I really hope it takes care of directories, uk local results are in dire straits. You nees to go past page 2 before you find the first actual local business. 
Does this affect the search results in Sweden?
So if you were hit by Panda, made alterations to your site, you’ll know by the end of next week if those were good enough, if you see an increase in traffic.
They do not let webmasters to get stable.
Thanks for considering small and medium sized sites...
Is this going to affect the Penguin roll-out next month?
1 of my affiliate niche sites got affected. I received the message in webmaster tools and confirmed the drop in traffic in Google analytics.

But I'm still receiving traffic from Google for a lot of long tail keywords.
The site is a little over a month old and I'm still adding more articles.

Nothing noticeable for my main website though.
Radu C.
+Norbert Juma If you've received a message in Web master Tools then it'snot related with Pierre's post above - not related with Panda. Just saying...
It has been several years I've been following webmaster guidelines. Throughout all that time my sites got kicked hard by sites who does not. Hope that this panda update makes it as the previous did not.   
+Pierre Far - Does the latest update resolve the problem of giving preference to copied and scraped content rather than the original content? I think recent releases have penalized sites with original material that have much of their content copied on other sites.
So +Pierre Far- you got the job of the new angel of death over at Google after Matt Cutts quit? That's sad news. I remember you when you were supporting webmasters actually.
is this update rolled completely ?  
+parker wills Great Question on.... what can I do to fix the issues as a site is or maybe hit via Google Panda 4.0. Back in June I had build a mini video tutorial talking about this exact subject.. Focused on Forbes rank lost back on May 23 based on low quality content signals and how to find them.
What a good news for SMB! Long live Panda 4.1
Maybe the BIG #Panda had a little Panda Baby for the End of Summer ... Maybe we can get baby pics... lol, sorry it had to be said. dalgalanmalara bu siteden bakabilirsiniz arkadaşlar, bence Google'ın tek istediği para kazanmak. SEO işlemi yapanlara engel olup reklam gelirini arttırmak. Ama şöyle birşey var ki bu Google mutlaka bişeye önem vererek o siteyi üst sıralara çıkaracak. Bu önem verdiği şey ya domain yaşı yada içerik olacak. Biz gözümüzde çok büyütüyoruz. Mantıklı düşündüğümüzde örneğin "A kelimesi" nde bir site ilk sayfada çıkıyor. "B kelimesi"nde başka bir site ilk sayfada çıkıyor. Kısaca ilk sayfada çıkan siteleri analiz ederek Google'ın tüm algoritmasını çözebiliriz.
Great to hear.  Glad small-medium size sites that offer quality content will get a boost in ranking based on the new signals that you've incorporated.  To help webmasters and owners of SMBs +Pierre Far, is there any specific recommendations or considerations that they should apply to their sites in conjunction with this latest update, or will their current setups allow them to take advantage of the new signals?
مرحباً بك صديقي بير فار اعتذر على الرد باللغة العربية ولكن لعلمي بأنك تتقنها.
لدي استفسار هل التحديثات هيا تحديثات مقتصرة على اللغة الاجنبية فقط ام هيا تحديثات لجميع المواقع الانجليزية والعربيه؟!
حيث انني لا ارى اي تأثر للتحديثات للمواقع العربيه على سبيل المثال هناك مواقع كثيرة محتواها عبارة عن مواضيع مكرره وتعتمدعلى النسخ واللصق فقط ومع ذلك نجدها تتصدر النتائج بشكل واضح.
الاعتماد الي تستخدمه تلك المواقع
باك لينك
كثرة المواضيع بشكل كبير
ولكن المحتوى عبارة عن نسخ ولصق اايضا هناك مواضيع مكرره يتم التغيير فقط بالعنوان وسطر او سطرين من الوصف وباقي المقال مكرر.
اتمنى النظر في تلك المواقع.
انا  له اكثر من 10 اشهر متاثر بالتحديث من بداية تحديث الطائر الطنان الى الان لم اجد له اي تحسن يذكر حيث ان جميع المقالات او 85% خاصه بكاتبة كتابنا كما تم ازالة من قبل فترة طويلة اكثر من 800 مقال وتعديل العديد من المقالات الي اعتقد انها ليست ذات جوده عالية.
ولكن مع هذا اجد نتائجه في الصفحات الاخيرة بينما المواقع الاخرى الي تنسخ وتلصق تتصدر النتائج.
اعتذر عن الاطالة ولكن حبيت ان اعرف السبب في هذا الشيء
وهل معاقبة المواقع هو فقط يدويه او اليه
This is great news for sites with quality content
+lars andersen Agreed this opens the doors for so many small business.... As well the big brands but at least this gives us all a chance..
Yes thats true many small business WHO have plenty of quality content and did not rank before will have better chance for ranking now
This is a great step in the right direction. I hope to see continued moves this way. There are a lot of great small businesses out there with great products and they will enjoy the exposure. Thanks for keeping us in the loop Pierre!
Yaa... Found some issue with some sites...
Isn't social media great? All these comments and questions and the posts' author +Pierre Far doesn't ever answer. Too ironic.
GUYS... he is asleep, look at the timezone
+William Rock. He wasn't asleep when he posted and wasn't for a large majority of post comments. Come on..
WOW, at least he is TRANSPARENT ... and has a live out of WORK, sorry but give the guy a break.. tons of HOA's that have discussed this exact topic... Do so some other Google Searches to find some info. Sorry
Will be tough on many Cause you know a Panda Just "Eats shoots and Leaves" ...up to us to put out a tasty bamboo smorgasbord and keep them coming back. 
Would be great is this update favours individual high quality content sites over local directory listings! 
I don't know but the result will be great I think!
I hope it will Bring back the Google to Normal.. Lot's of strange thing happened Earlier..
Panda Update 4.1 .... great, hope this help me :)
Did see some improvement in smaller customer sites...maybe...should be good and fair...
Thank you for sharing this information, it sounds great for #SEO specialists. Last week I didn't see any worst .changes:-)
good initiative taken by google. happy to hear this update of Panda.
لاحظنا كناشرين عرب أن جوجل لا تولي اي اهتمام للمحتوى العربي ، وأن التحديثات التي تطلقها من حين لآخر لا تاثير لها على المواقع التي تعتمد على النسخ وسرقة محتوى المواقع الأخرى ، لم تعاقب جوجل اي موقع من تلك المواقع التي تقدم محتوى ضعيف ومنسوخ ومكرر ، رغم الشكاوي التي تقدمنا بها بالدليل والاثبات لم نلمس اي تغييرات ، والمؤسف جدا هو ظهور تلك المواقع في نتائج البحث الأولى سواء تعلق الأمر ببحث الويب او اخبار جوجل .
We noticed that Google does not pay any attention to the Arabic content, and updates from time to time has no effect on sites that rely on copying and stealing content from other sites, google did not punish any of these sites that offer bad and copied content despite complaints that we made and the proof we have not seen any changes, and unfortunately these websites take sometimes the first place in google search results and google news
around 3-5% of queries are affected ?
Sir One of my website lost about 90% of traffic from search.
Yeah i know You guy's are working hard to do best for user's, but what about Web master's ??? We Guy's can treat anytime anyhow ? is it really fare ?? :( :(
Have to love Google. How boring would our job be without constantly changing algorithms lol. 
I lost 90% of my traffic.  Numerous Google #1 search results I tested seemed irrelevant from a user perspective.  Very frustrating for webmasters and users.  Relevancy has got to be right.
Great to hear that Google is looking out for those small high quality sites which simply can not compete with these mega-websites. This is especially true for the travel industry with the likes of TripAdvisor taking most of the audience of search queries due to their long-tail crowd sourced content (reviews, pictures etc..) - Thank you!
Do you rollout the update in germany too?
+Pierre Far When do we expect to see the change in AU, NZ and Asia. Google search across these three? Thanks in advance!
We've taken out all of the scrapers that stole our content, and eliminated on-site duplication and cut out thin content - still, no dice. This despite the fact that fully half our site is long-form, original blog content with high quality infographics.
I'll believe it when I see it, Google
Everything to improve the content of our site I think is great.
Do we have a freshness update attached? Can Google elaborate on that at least?
gosh i hope this mitigates the extreme drop in organic traffic to my small-medium site over the past 30 days .  :/ :/
+Eishirou Uchida is this more fair to everyone? what about the big brands that are now pushed down because of some Title X-type effort? (playing the big org devils advocate here)
 I´m looking forward to seeing the results.
Do you happen to know what metric they're using to calculate small and medium-sized sites?  Is that # of pages in the index or traffic?
+Chris Boggs
As long as I've observed, there are 2 symptoms of fairness, drop of low quality affiliate websites and recovery of some high quality websites hit by previous updates.
This panda looks cute one :)

However, believing Pierre's statement rollout can be still on the way now, so I guess we'd better stay calm and observe carefully for a few more weeks.
türk webmasterlar kan ağlıyor Pierre Far, gel gör halimizi spam haberler siteleri bitirdi bizi, şu google news'ede bir el atın 
4 was not bad but 4.1 is a disaster.
We run a small (moving) to medium size site that was achieving real traction to our organic traffic growth after lots and lots of hard work over the last 8 weeks.

Last week we witnessed a devastating 61% drop in traffic that completely changes our businesses landscape and now looks like layoffs will have to be made as a result as we have been unable to gain any bounce back to-date. It would be helpful if companies such as myself could have some idea as to what we have done wrong and what has to be done to correct it. It cannot be right to have such influence over peoples livelihoods and not provide a clear directive to what is changing. 
My website was also penalized and i think that i follow all Google webmaster guidelines and i add quality contents everyday. Now 50% of traffic drop... This update isn't a good update, finally you penalized sites following all your guidelines.
What is your website Randy Handy??
At Material Handling Marketing Solutions, we did not see any of our customers penalized with the new Panda Roll 4.1. On the contrary, we did see an increase in ranking in many of our customers pages. I'm glad it helped us drastically...

Does someone have a link to the web master guidelines? I lost it 
Admin on a MOJ campaign site "freesimon" no change in PR but have moved from middle of page 2 to bottom of page one for keyword "Simon Gittany". Not sure if this is due to algorithm changes or just time. As a newcomer to the whole SEO thing, I have no idea how to tell. I do notice that if I do a search I seem to appear much higher on page one, I am assuming that this is google "tailoring" the response
Our internet marketing website is small but trying to grow. And in the past week or so i have seen a small spike in our traffic. thanks google for helping small businesses grow and become visible on google instead of being left behind with all these major corps
Really s good news for high quality website owners :)
Focussing on the smaller entity is very good business practice. If as an enterprise you lose a large customer, the hit to your bottom line is big. If the equivalent of your large customer is a few thousand small customers, losing one of them has much less impact. You should as. Smart operator focus on both.
How really it recognize qood quality of content? Same people have so shitty websites and have high positions..
Hello +Pierre Far  
Please give me hint about "3%-to-5% of search queries will be affected"
I got hit in the head!! Traffic dropped dramatically significantly consistently at the end of Sep 2014!!! Still looking for fixing solutions......
It's is May'15 and still there are hundreds of spammy pages ranking above the quality websites...Hope the next update will fix this...
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