I was travelling last week and +Eric Enge published an interview with me about mobile SEO:


We covered a lot of points and I want to emphasize one topic we talked about: what should publishers using RWD do if they have some pages these wanted to implement that are desktop only?

As I tried to say in my answer, the premise of this question is bit wrong: there isn't content that is only for desktops or smartphones. More and more, users are accessing all sorts of content on smartphones, including content that, historically, was considered only useful for desktop users. A friend of mine found an mortgage while commuting and used his smartphone to haggle with his bank to get a better deal.

And there are a few studies that say that a good percentage of users access the internet only on smartphones, and it's a bigger percentage if you include users that access the internet mostly on smartphones. To rephrase: smartphones are becoming the primary internet device for many users and we need to keep up.
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